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Songs have got to learn not to get stuck in my head, especially when I'm not sure of some of the lyrics. Ah well, I love Last Night On Earth from Popmart Sarajevo nonetheless.

I have a very annoying papercut on one finger that keeps on whacking the desk over my keyboard (which slides out from under it but I leave it in) when I type. I hate stupid stuff like that ... it's only a papercut, but it's starting to drive me up the wall. Go away, Thing I Don't Know How I Got.

Had a great day with Jamie today. Played umpteen games of pool, and I seem to be getting better at it, and we also did some Geography study, although not nearly as much as we should've. Next two days are going to involve too much study. But back to the pool ... you all are probably familiar with air hockey, where you have the puck and it down the opponents end of the table, trying to get it through a small gap that's the goal. Well, Jamie and I created a version played on a pool table, with a pool ball replacing the puck and our hands replacing the things you hit with, and the objective is to hit the side of the table the other person's at. It was great fun, although our hands were really sore afterwards. Pool balls sure can hurt when they hit you at speed, especially when it's on the wrong angle.

I'm so pissed off that we can't get ADSL out here, but we're going to try to get enough people to complain to Telstra and get them to fix up the network, allowing us to get it. It sucks here. We can't get cable Internet (the 'cable' TV comes in via satellite), we can't get ADSL, we can't even get freaking IDSN. So I guess we're just going to have to get unlimited downloads, and probably a new phone line ... although that'll be an absolute rip-off to install.

Stupid Telstra. They never get anything done right, or on time. They work to Telstra Rules on Telstra Time and they suck at it. They're worse than freaking Tyndale Publishing.

Wow, this is the first night here on which I've gotten a reasonably sized dinner. It's not that the servings are too small - no, it's quite the opposite, they're too BIG. Alan keeps on giving me heaps of food, and I simply don't eat much. So finally tonight I got a small serving, and that's because Mum made it. Today's been good. Shame about the study that I'll have to do later.

But first, the rugby. I cannot wait for this game. NZ damn well better beat Australia. GO THE ALL BLACKS! We have to win this one, for national pride, and so that I can still safely show my face at school. Plus, we've won or retained all Cups we've contested this year - Super 12, Bledisloe Cup, Tri-Nations - so winning this one would really top off a magnificent year and we can't win it unless we win this semi and advance to the final. We're playing the game in Sydney, and hopefully we'll see a repeat of what we did to Australia at this same ground earlier in the year, when we won by something like 55-20. That was a nice victory if there ever was one. I don't want a close match like the second Bledisloe, that ended 21-17 to NZ. I usually love close games, unless NZ is playing, and then I want NZ to walk all over the opponent. Or unless Australia is playing, and then I want to see Australia get walked all over.

Bono quote from the start of The Ground Beneath Her Feet (Charlotte, 29/03/01) - "This is a song we wrote with Salman Rushdie. You may remember him, he was ... he upset a lot of folk." Interesting way of summarising who Mr Rushdie is.

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