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Ick, study

This weekend is going to involve way too much work. Ah well, at least I have Monday off. I'm so glad I don't have any exams then. Jamie's coming around today, so that'll be cool ... I just hope he doesn't get lost trying to find this place.

"The search for logic in anti-Americanism is fruitless. It is in the air the world breathes. Its roots are envy and self-loathing - by peoples who, yearning for modernity but having failed at it, find their one satisfaction in despising modernity's great exemplar." - The US Gets No Sympathy. Should It Care? by Charles Krauthammer, the Essay found at the back of this week's Time magazine.

I cannot state just how STUPID that statement is. The attitude right there of sheer arrogance and egotism is just why people despise America, and this self-righteous jackass with the mother of all superiority complexes needs to get off his soapbox and realise how much of a moron he is for writing that. He obviously has no understanding of why people dislike America, and because he can't admit his country has any faults, he can't possibly investigate the reasons why because he's already predisposed to think they're wrong. This guy is a fucking moron and exemplifies just why some people can't stand Americans. He appears to have no knowledge of the world he lives in, and can't look beyond his own borders - that attitude is shown just by how he classes all people who dislike America as people who have failed to find modernity. I would contest there are probably a few countries out there more intellectually and culturally advanced than the USA, but this guy couldn't possibly even entertain such an idea because he's so biased that he spews forth ratshit like that.

I finished Scarecrow by Matthew Reilly last night. That is one FANTASTIC book. I loved it. So incredibly fast paced, and that guy knows how to do the unexpected and throw in a heapload of enemies. Made me feel like writing so I sat down at my computer and hammered out a brand new beginning to my story. 2090 words of utter crap. It's too descriptive and the action doesn't feel very good. So I'll probably start again.

Today's the big day. Rugby World Cup semi-final 1, New Zealand versus Australia. Tomorrow's France versus England. The winners meet in the final to contest the Cup, losers meet in the third-place playoff. GO THE MIGHTY, MIGHTY ALL BLACKS! I think they'll win by about ten-fifteen points. I bloody well hope so! And the France versus England match is too hard to call ... if France shut down Wilkinson in the first half and have a decent halftime lead, they can do it, but if Wilkinson gets going early and kicks his team into gear, the English could do it. I think France will probably win, but I want England to. England would be easier for NZ to beat in the final.

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