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Another school year nearly gone

I finished my final classes for this year. All that's left are four German exams, two Maths B exams, two Maths C exams, and one exam each for Geography, English, and SOR. No more classes, because we go into what's called "lockdown" as of next week and that means you only show up at school when you have an exam. It's kinda sad walking out of some classes for the last time, farewelling teachers you like, especially when it's for the very last time, like with home room - Miss Mackey left today. It was funny when she marked the role for the last time ... I responded with "here" for about the first time in my life. We're all supposed to say that or "present", but I always just say "hey" or "yeah" or "yo" or whatever. I'm so informal sometimes.

We had a farewell assembly for the grade 12s today, and the thing that scared and excited me is that in a year's time, that'll be me. Scared, because leaving high school is rather daunting, or at least for me. Excited, because I'm starting to look forward to university. Jamie suggested I should be a theology/philosophy professor instead of a lawyer ... and quite frankly, I like the idea. We'll see ... at the moment, I need to worry about all my study. That's what I'll be doing this weekend.

--- 3:38 ---

Matthew Reilly's new book is incredible and I love it madly.

I stink at pool but it sure is fun. And I'm the master of totally fluky shots.

U2's new CD better hurry up and come out soon because I need some more U2. THE SLANE DVD'S OUT ON MONDAY! EEEEEEEEEE! I probably won't get it straight away, though, because I have exams to worry about ... and I won't have anything to play it on until I get my new computer. That should be within the next week, I hope. I think I'll get someone to buy Slane for me for Christmas to save spending my own money. Hopefully I'll get ZooTV AND Boston AND Slane. That would be nice. My birthday's in January, so I'm quite hopeful that I'll have them all by the end of the holidays.

It was grand finally getting to talk to Lauren again after ... ages. Love ya, Lauren. *hugs* Thanks for putting up with my whining about Sam.

Anyone want to do some study for me over the weekend. I have plenty of study for sale and it's all got to go!

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