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A lot of things seem to be disgusting me of late.

Things don't seem to be any better with Sam. I wanted to talk to him today, but he's so focused on only two things - this archery bow he's making and on trying to get back together with Lauren - so I didn't have a chance. He's just ... over the last two days, I've seen a side of him that I never thought was there and I feel sick to my stomach. He failed a Physics assignment, and he just didn't care. He NEEDS to do well at Physics for his future, this assignment counts towards next year's final mark, he failed it, and HE JUST DOES NOT CARE. This is NOT the Sam I know. The Sam I know would 1. not have failed, and 2. had he somehow failed, been really pissed off and upset. What the fizzark's going on here?

There's more, but I have to go, and so I may type it up later. On a brighter note, I got Matthew Reilly's newest book today and began it on the drive home from the shops - seems to be bloody fantastic so far.

--- 8:51pm ---

So let's see, where was I? Ranting about stuff that disgusts me, I believe. Where was I at? I need to recapture that train of thought. Well, one thing that really makes me sick is the disgusting state of some fashion at the moment. I was in the supermarket today, and there was this one girl - going by the school uniform, I know she wasn't older than 12 and I'd bet she was just 10 or 11 - wearing a skirt so short it might as well have not been there, and her shirt nearly extended lower than it. I thought it was disgusting. Whatever happened to people covering up a bit? The state of some stuff is so bad that it seems like some people might as well not bother wearing any clothing because it's not as if it makes any difference. I'm not calling for any kind of Islamic covering-up crap, just a bit of decency. Unlike most guys I know, I don't want to have everything flaunted in my direction. It cheapens the flaunter and can inspire thoughts the flaunted-at may not exactly want to have. Or just piss the flaunted-at off. Either or. I damn well know that when I grow up and hopefully have kids, I wouldn't let any daughter of mine dress like that ... giving a child freedom is one thing, but going too far with it is an entirely different matter.

People who don't care for anything but what they own disgust me. People just can't take care of the school. Is it that hard for you to take your rubbish to a BIN? Is it that hard to take two seconds of your time to walk around a garden rather than stomping through it? Is the desire to kick in lockers just too tempting for you? Really, I'm sick of the teachers harping on at us about crap like this and I hate to think what it's like at state schools because I know they're worse.

Responsibility and commitment are dead. Someone care to resurrect it?

Exams suck. All this crap with Sam has really distracted me too and instead of working, I need to stop and just think, maybe shooting pool while I do it. Speaking of pool, I suck at it but it's fun, and hopefully having a pool table in my room will help me improve my skills.

Had my last English lesson with Tommo ever today. He's the best English teacher I've ever had and it's sad to see him go. He's so funny and I really enjoyed his classes. But I guess he's going off to do what God's called him to do, be a pastor, so I wish him all the best in his future. He should take over as chaplain at my school. Kingy is out of touch and isn't nearly as funny as Tommo. One of the few good chapels this year was the one Tommo spoke on. That simply ROCKED. He's such a bloody good speaker. I loved the message he left us with today ... he was talking about how, compared to the glory of God and knowing Jesus, everything is garbage, and his message struck a chord with me. I'm too materialistic sometimes, and I don't give God enough time. Robbo in Maths C happened to say "the more you get, the more you want", and how true that is.

Speaking of wanting stuff, I want ADSL but apparently we can't get it. THAT TRULY SUCKS. So we're going to do some more enquiries and see if a new line can be installed that will have ADSL capability. We'll see. ADSL would rock. Although ... shouldn't I just be happy that I have Internet access at all?

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