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Woke up this morning ... and felt very ill. Dragged myself to Maths C, feeling very ill. I've slowly improved over today, but I still don't feel spectacular. Might take tomorrow off, although it'd probably be a wise idea to go. I loathe and despise it when my nose runs like a tap and there's nothing I can do about it. My nose needs to learn not to run like crazy on days like today, when I have to go to school because exams are coming up and I need to be in class.

Speaking of exams, we got the draft of the exam timetable today. They begin Monday next week, and off memory, this is how it goes for me. (A blank means I can stay home)

Monday - blank.
Tuesday - sleep in, SOR in the late morning, Geography in the afternoon.
Wednesday - two Maths B exams, first German exam.
Thursday - blank. Will most likely have to be at school because Awards/Presentation/Graduation/Whatever Night is that night and if I'm getting an award, I'll be at the practice earlier in the day.
Friday - blank.
Monday week after - three German exams.
Tuesday - blank.
Wednesday - two Maths C exams.
Thursday - blank.
Friday - English writing task. We were told we don't have an English exam ... this now appears to be a lie.

So it's not too bad. The amount of days off is quite satisfactory, although I wish I could swap the first Tuesday with the second Thursday. Tonight I'll definitely be studying, and working on my SOR. Technically it was due today, but Johnno doesn't care when you hand it in, just as long as you hand it in at some point during the week the due date's in. I'll probably hand it in tomorrow because that's most convenient, even if it means doing a good deal of work tonight. I want to get it out of the road this evening, along with the bulk of my Geography assignment.

I love having the sound system set up in my room. It's fantastic for playing my bootlegs. Speaking of bootlegs, I need more of them. I'd love something from the ZooTV era because I don't have ANYTHING live from then. I MUST get ZooTV Live In Sydney for Christmas, if not earlier.

I also must get Matthew Reilly's new book. Hopefully I can get Mum to buy it for me as a reward for getting through this year or something.

Is my good memory returning? Lately I've had mental blanks on stuff, particularly Maths B and German, but I feel it kicking in now, just in time to really get stuck into studying. Heaps of mathematical formulas and German to remember. Blech. I know what I'm doing tonight ...

Random note of annoyance: why do people insist on leaving school (and public) toilets absolutely FILTHY? It's awful. Can't people clean up after themselves? Or can't they use the facilities in a more clean fashion that doesn't involve leaving a mess in places there really shouldn't be a mess? Ah well, at least I'm out of primary school ... those were shocking ...

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