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I heart U2

I'm in this massive I-love-everything-U2 mood right. "And how unusual is that?" you might say, but this is an even bigger I-love-everything-U2 mood than normal. I just want to run around the house belting out Pride or All I Want Is U2 ... er, You, or something like that. I just saw the Pride video. EEEEEEEEEEE! That song ALWAYS makes me feel incredible. It's just so amazing. I hate it how it's gotten weaker over the years because 1980's Pride was just beyond amazing. I find the Popmart Mexico Pride to be really weak and a bit of a letdown.

I also came across this and instead of doing it properly, I decided to do it MY way.

Rank the following bands (or artists) in order, from U2 to Everyone Else. To add value to this process, you must rank U2 at the top, and ensure nothing crap ends up on the list, before passing it on (including these instructions).

Pink Floyd
Linkin Park
Dire Straits
Jimmy Eat World
Crowded House

Now wasn't that fun? I also just proved I listen to other music. Go me.

MATRIX REVOLUTIONS IS BLOODY BRILLIANT! IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN IT, GO IMMEDIATELY! That is an ORDER. Go. Hurry up. Why are you still reading this? It's flaming incredible! Best of the three, by far.

And Trinity's a machine. The odds of that being a true statement are for the reader to discern for themselves.

NEW ZEALAND DEFEATED SOUTH AFRICA! 29-9! GO THE MIGHTY, MIGHTY ALL BLACKS! We are through to our fifth Rugby World Cup semi-final in as many World Cups. NZ is like the god of rugby nations. We rock. Australia beat Scotland 33-16 and so the semi'll be Australia versus NZ. Considering Scotland's weaker than NZ, Australia should've done much better. The French, when they played Scotland, sure did. NZ'll beat Australia, by ten points at least. England versus Wales should go to the English, and France versus Ireland will be a good, close, exciting encounter. Can't wait.

I have a Modern History assignment due tomorrow. I've only written a couple of paragraphs. I'll be working all arvo and evening to finish it ... in between watching the rugby. My picks: England and France, although I'd like to see Wales and Ireland win. I better finish this bloody assignment. And work on my SOR. And my Geography. And study. And do some more unpacking. Blech. Maybe I should get offline and get my act into gear. Sounds like a wise move.

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