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I think things with my Internet are safe for the near future, which is great. Tried to get in contact with TPG yesterday about ADSL, but that was one massive flop. Got some person promptly, but once I told them my query, they decided to redirect me over to customer service, and after being on hold for God knows how long, I just got sick of the silly music and "We value your call and will be with you soon" and hung up ... after abusing the voice.

"We value your call -"
"- but all of our operators are busy -"
"Doing what? Eating doughnuts?"
"- on other calls -"
"Oh yes, and let me guess, they're 'business related' calls home."
"- but will be with you soon."
"You said that HALF AN HOUR AGO. I'm giving you five seconds. Five ... four ... three ... two and hurry the Zooropa up ... one ... you LOSE." *slams phone down*


Today I'm going to Matrix Revolutions. w00t! I'm heading round to Sam's in about an hour, we're going to watch Reloaded, then we're going to do work and study we NEED to do, and then Tom and Ben will rock up and we'll head off to the movies. That sentence featured the word 'and' way too many times. But yes, we'll go see that this afternoon, make it home just in time for the first Rugby World Cup quarter final, New Zealand versus South Africa - GO THE ALL BLACKS!

Must go.

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