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No good subject lines are coming to me ...

Oh I love my new room. It's so fantastic. I love watching my U2 videos and I think I've figured out a way to use my headphones/microphone to record it onto my computer - and no, it's not just putting my microphone up to the speaker, because doing that would give crap sound quality. Two cables come off my head-/microphone, one plugs in as the headphones, one as the microphone. They split quite late so I have to put the TV and computer close to each other, but if I put the headphone cable into the TV and the microphone into my computer, I'm sure it would work. I once tried to sing over a U2 song playing on my computer to see how crap my singing is, but all I could hear on the final recording was the song, not my voice, so it was just being fed up the cable to the headphones and being recorded by my microphone. I'm pretty confident it'll work with my TV ... it'd be great if it did. Forget downloading UABRS, RAH, and Popmart.

Also, I'm hoping to get 'U2 Go Home: Slane 2001' soon after it's released. I would preorder it, but there's a normal one and a more expensive edition and there's no news yet on how they differ, so I'm going to wait until there's more news on the difference and whether it's worth spending the extra few dollars.

School went nicely today. Got my Maths C assignment finished last night ... only to find out that yesterday, Robbo gave us until Monday. But I'm glad it's done. All this weekend I'll be working on History and SOR. Also some work on Geography but I have longer to do that, and English only needs a few modifications that'll take all of half an hour if I go slow. Plus there's heaps of study to be done. I might be watching a DVD of Matrix Reloaded at Sam's house tomorrow afternoon and then going to see Revolutions, but I probably won't have time. Too much to do. Got a stupid party to go to tomorrow night. It's Alan's mother's 80th birthday party, and there's going to be 100 people there. ONE HUNDRED PEOPLE. That's far too many. I HATE massive parties like that. They're awful. Ten people's quite enough, thank you very much. But where they're having it is just around the corner from Sam's place, so I'll make the obligatory appearance at the party and then go to Sam's. I should get to watch Reloaded then, although if we were to go to Revolutions I'd have to see Reloaded before the party, rock up to that for an hour or two, and then go to Revolutions after. Or get to Sam's in the morning and see Revolutions just before the party. I'm not sure. So much flaming work to do messes with both of my plans because I need to really focus this weekend.

--- 2:57 ---

One thing I can say about this move is how I actually now live in a HOUSE. Not in a gated community where the units are wedged together in sets of four and there are heaps of other people around, but an actual HOUSE. And we live out in the country ... or more precisely, it FEELS like we do and it's lovely. Room to play cricket, a swimming pool, a pool table, neat view, fantastic breeze (which is great considering the warm summer we're expecting) ... I love it here.

Rumor (from Hot Press):
The Edge will put down his guitar for the next album, and instead put all his effort into growing back his hair and playing the xzylophone.

The Edge said, "We're really getting close to making the kind of music we've always wanted to make. It's just raw rock 'n roll: drums, bass, vocals, and the xzylophone.

Bono later told us, "The Edge is an angry man, banging on those xzylophone keys. He's broken about 3 or 4 xzylophones with only his pinky! He's really, really f*ckin' brilliant. Edge is on fire. Literally. We were playin' one day and he got so mad he got out a match and set the whole studio aflame. It was really, really f*ckin' brilliant, man. I wish Salman Rushdie could have been there."

Edge: "Sometimes, in the middle of the night, I will get an inspiration for a song. So I round up all the guys, we hit the studio, and start playin'. Man, it is really great. We're working on a song right now, it's called, "A Xzylophone's a Xzylophone." It's gonna be a classic. Then theres that other song, "Xzylophone and Wine." Great song.

The album will be released sometime early next year, and each album is rumored to have pieces from The Edge's actual xzylophones.

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