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It's a beautiful day!

Woohoo! I am now the proud owner of a copy of the U2 single 'Beautiful Day', and not just any copy, BUT A SPECIAL AUSTRALIAN EDITION! It's got Beautiful Day, Summer Rain, Always, and a live version of Last Night On Earth on it. I LOVE Beautiful Day, Summer Rain is very good (I know it thanks to it being on the B-Sides of Best Of 1990-2000), and Always seems to be a good song. The live version of Last Night On Earth is actually a video, or more precisely, a DVD. I don't have a DVD player *sobs* so I guess I'll have to wait until Mum gets me one (latest that will be is Christmas), or watch it at somebody else's house. I LOVE Last Night On Earth and I don't know if I'll last until Christmas ... maybe it'll work on my computer ... worth a shot, anyhow.

So, yes, I thought I'd share my excitement. Well, now Mum's giving me dinner early (5pm) for some unknown reason so I must be going ...
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