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Fuck the past, kiss the future!

Bono is a quotes god. If ever I need a quote, I just go straight to U2, or failing that, to live U2, or failing that, to Bono. There's rarely nothing at all. This is a situation when there is something;

"Fuck the past, kiss the future!" - Bono, sometime during the Popmart Sarajevo concert

That's too right for my current situation. We moved today. It actually went pretty well, and my new room ROCKS. Let's have a look along one of the side walls, from right to left: door, CD stand thing of Mum's, one of my bookshelves (finally got the second bookshelf from the spare/Trudy's room in my room, thus what always was going to be my second shelf finally IS), small stack of drawers with TV and video from our old lounge on top, then my computer, then some more drawers that shall soon have the stereo on top, and then my dresser, complete with printer as "decoration". Do you like it? Because I sure know I do! In the middle of my room is the pool table, seeing this IS the pool room, and then on the other side is my bed, shelves, some wardrobe-y thing, and lots of my boxes. So much needs unpacking and so much has no home because I used to just shunt it into my large wardrobe.

It's funny ... I've left my home of four years. Sure, I actually had three different homes during that time, but they were all in the same gated community and apart from being mirror images or rotations of each other, they were exactly the same. But now it's a completely new house. Lovely view.

Also a (nearly) completely new family. When they get married, Alan will be my stepfather, and James (20) and Robby (16) will be my stepbrothers, which I'm cool with. My mother's last long-term boyfriend, who she came really close to marrying, was a right prat with an annoying daughter and I would've objected to any marriage. But Alan's really cool, James seems to be great (never shuts up ... like me), and Robby doesn't say much but he seems OK.

Only real hassle we had today was Trudy. She brought home this MASSIVE rubbish bag last night which we loaded up, and she said she'd take it to the tip to save us going out of our way ... she didn't. Yesterday, Mum brought a HUGE bottle of cleaning stuff that she was going to use to clean ALL the basins, sinks, showers, and stuff in the house, and there was supposed to be a sizeable amount left over. So Trudy needed to clean the bathroom her and I shared, and Mum gave her the cleaning fluid. Well, this morning she picks up the bottle ... and the thing's EMPTY. Trudy had managed to waste an entire bottle of Dosmestos on ONE bathroom ... and it wasn't even clean, it just smelt it! Either she drunk it or just poured heaps down the drains ... Mum was really annoyed. Don't blame her, either, because she didn't plan on going to the shops again. As it turned out, she managed to find a couple more bottles of various cleaning substances and they managed to last.

As I just said to Fade Patrick (new names: Fade Patrick is the one some of you know, School Patrick is the bloke at school), things don't really feel weird right now. I feel like I've just come round to stay the night and brought heaps with me. It'll probably get weirder before it becomes normal.

Anyhow, assignments are waiting. My Maths C assignment is due tomorrow and I haven't fully written it out yet. And Modern History's due Monday, oh crap. I'll be working a lot over the weekend.

The Internet situation;
My 'net may cut out sometime tomorrow. If not, then it may cut out at the end of the 11th. If it doesn't cut out on either of those dates, I'll be safe right through to when we get ADSL. We'll probably phone the ISP tomorrow to check on things there.

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