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Hopefully not my last entry for a while

I'm moving tomorrow. My Internet should work there, but if it doesn't ... I'll be VERY annoyed. I am going to set up a backup plan should things go down. Thus, LAUREN, CHECK YOUR E-MAILS!

I'm getting quite busy on my assignments at school, AND I KEEP ON GETTING MORE FLAMING WORK! Why do teachers seem to think their subject exists in isolation? It's so bloody annoying and I don't have time to do everything and still have a life and a rest.

For those of you who are familiar with To Kill A Mockingbird, I was given this exercise in English and it's totally stumped me. If it was written to say what it means and not in some English-class-mumbojumbo, it may make more sense.

1. What kind of discourses operate in the text that deal with the development of self identity and coming of age? Identify the relevant and prominent discourses and briefly discuss them.
2. How does the text you are reading deal with the issue of growing up, coming of age, or rites of passage? How do the characters in the text grow up or come of age as a result of the events in the text?

I get this feeling that, instead of doing something in depth and properly responding to that, I'll just do some summary like most other people are doing and it should hopefully satisfy my teacher. I don't believe it counts for our marks anyway.

GRR. Stuff I want to rant about, no time to rant about it in. I'm so pissed about a lot lately. Including the study and assignments that are keeping me from ranting about other stuff. At least I've figured out my Maths C assignment ... should have it finished tonight.

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