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#Fav Band of all time:

#Fav Band at the moment:
You really think I'd have a favourite band at this moment that is not U2? You fool.

#Best gig/s::What were they and why were thay so great?:
U2, 5 June 1983, or U2, 8 November 1987. Sure, I wasn't there, but you never said I had to be, did you?

#Worst gig/s:Why ?
Buggered if I know.

#Last album you bought:
I actually think I have never bought an album. I've had my Mum buy me some and I've said I'd pay her back ... then both of us have totally forgotten about the debt. GO ME!

#First band you were into:
REM or The Shadows or Cliff Richard. I can remember listening to all of them when I was REALLY little, but I'm not sure which was first. Probably The Shadows.

#First gig (who, where, when):
Never. Wait, there was that show I went to when I was six in my hometown in NZ, but I don't suppose it can be really counted.

#Last gig (who, where, when):
See above.

#Do you talk to strangers in the queue?
Where is the queue?

#Keep flyers to make pretty things out of them?
I have flyers now?

#Are you one of those annoying people who sits down on the floor at gigs like you are at school?
The floor is for standing.

#Do you take a rucksack?
Never been to take one.

#Do you take a bag? if so what the hell do you carry in it?
Never been to take one. If I were, it would probably be to store food in because I'd be at a U2 concert and I'd be lining up a couple of nights in advance. I do need to eat, y'know.

#Make up and cool outfit/Slum it in combats and longsleeve?

#Ever worn a bands t-shirt to their gig?
I would.

#Fav song of all time:
Bad (08/11/87) and 11 O'clock Tick Tock (05/06/83) by U2.

#Fav song at the moment:
Hmmm ... Bullet The Blue Sky (04/06/87) by U2 or The Unforgiven II by Metallica.

#Song that gets stuck in your head the most?
Gloria (05/06/83) by U2 because I use the Under A Blood Red Sky EP as my alarm and its the first track. Also I permanently have the opening notes of Seconds stuck in my head for some reason.

#Best film soundtrack:
Even though I haven't heard it, the one to The Million Dollar Hotel because U2 did it. Wow, that's really fanladish. To be honest, I don't care for soundtracks. Rarely listen to them.

#Fav song/s to headbang/dance to:
Headbang: not really sure.
Dance: if we're counting air guitar, 11 O'clock Tick Tock.

#Song/s that remind you of your friends:
Hmmm ... none, really.

#Band you have seen live the most:
U2, on a lot of videos.

#Songs that make you angry:
Rap and bubblegum pop.

#Songs that you play to get ready to go out:
Depends what I'm going to and what U2 CD is the nearest.

#Songs that make you want to hurt people/Yourself:
Rap. Particularly stuff by Nelly.

#Gig/s you wish you could have gone to:
Don't get me started. Some notable ones: 13 December 1981, 5 June 1983, 8 and 11 November 1987, and 19 December 1987, all by U2, and the U2 set on Live Aid (what's the date?).

#Top 3 guitarists:
The Edge (David Evans).

#Top 3 bassists:
The Edge. Before anyone says "But Adam's the bassist!", I would like to quote Adam: "I may not be the best bassist in U2, but I am the fucking bassist."

#Top 3 vocalists:
Bono before smoking ruined it ... and two others.

#Top 3 drummers:
Larry Mullen Junior ... and two others.

#Top Men of Music:
Bono, Edge, Larry, Adam, Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois, Steve Lillywhite, Flood, and Paul McGuinness.

#One band member you have to meet before you die:
Hmmm ... either Bono or Edge.

#Band you'd most like to be in:
U2. Who the hell do you think? I could stand up on stage and lead the U2 fanatics while they play. And also make sure they play 11OTT and Bad.

#Dream band line up which can include yourself:
Bono (vocals, rhythm guitar, harmonica), The Edge (lead guitar, keyboard, some songs bass), myself (lead guitar when Edge is on keyboard or bass, and on some solos), Adam Clayton (bass - most songs), Larry Mullen Junior (drums), and Pavarotti (where's Miss Sarajevo without him?).

#Song/s you want played at your funeral:
Bad (08/11/87), 11 O'clock Tick Tock (05/06/83), A Celebration, and A Day Without Me by U2. Preferably more stuff, because I want my funeral to be the biggest bloody celebration. Don't cry. Please, don't. I want people enjoying themselves instead of mourning. I'll be somewhere better so don't sit there bloody crying unless it's tears of joy!

#Last song you heard:
I'm listening to Please (Popmart Sarajevo) by U2 right now. THANK YOU SO MUCH amphibious_one! YOU ROCK!

#Dream gig line up (2 support bands, 1 headliner):
Supporting: Linkin Park, REM. Headlining: U2!

#Bands/band members you have met:
Sadly, none. Although I did meet U2 in a dream once.

#Any of the above you'd like to do again, maybe differently?
What the Zootopia are you on about? You been smoking some bad weed?

#Things you have signed by bands:
Nothing, sadly.

#Ever chased a band member down the street?
Haha, people do that?

#In the pit/stand and watch:

#Ever crowd surfed?
Heh, no, not about to.

#Ever stage dived?
See above.

#Favorite venue:
Anywhere U2's playing.

#Merch stall before or after gig?
No idea.

#Official t shirts or hoodies from outside?
Uh ...

#eEver met a person who you are now friends, with at at gig?

#Ever met a boy/girl friendd at a gig?

#Band you thought would be great live who were actually crap?
Quite a few I've seen on TV.

#Band you expected to be crap that were really good?

Band you had never heard of and became a fan after seeing them live?

#Best performance to date ( regardless of the band, were talking entertainment here!)
U2, 5 June 1983 has to be one of the classic concerts.

#Best stage set you've ever seen?
U2, ZooTV and Popmart!

#If you could freeze your favorite bands at any point in time, when would it be?
U2, at the height of The Joshua Tree or maybe during the War tour stage because then 11 O'clock Tick Tock was in the permanent set. Wait, no, The Unforgettable Fire because then there was 11OTT AND Bad.

#Band you'd like to see:

#Most Dearly Missed Band:
Um ... U2?

#Where are they now?
Making their new album and damn well better hurry up.

#Most memorable gig:
U2, 5 June 1983! You didn't say I had to BE THERE. Speaking of Be There, I must hear that unreleased U2 demo.

#Next gig?

amphibious_one, I got the Electrical Storm singles today ... AND YOU ROCK! Good flipping Zooropa case, THESE BOOTS ARE BLOODY INCREDIBLE! Eeeee, WAR! Popmart Sarajevo! Haven't gotten on to the Dublin gig but that's one I've heard reputed as absolutely fantastic so I'm just about to put it on. Wow. Wow. Wow. You rock! Thank you!

When I get my burner and some blank CDs (should be by late this month), copies of my two boots will be in the mail to you. Also, I recall you saying you have the Beautiful Day single, but what version do you have? I have a special Australian edition that has a VCD of LNOE from Popmart Mexico on it. It's nothing new seeing it's on the Popmart video, but I thought you may be interested if you don't have it already.

Edit: am now listening to the Dublin gig and it's FANTASTIC! I love it. Again, thank you.


Bah, I don't have time to rant about or explain what's been happening lately. I've figured out most of my Maths C assignment which is good, and should have it done by Friday. Need to check with my History teacher to make sure I'm on the right track there. SOR's coming along nicely, as is English and Geography.

Moving on Thursday. Scared, honestly. I'm so used to living with my mother and no-one else, especially not people I don't really know. So I'm nervous and probably won't enjoy the first few days. Blech. Need to pack more tonight ... why is there always more to pack? Why won't Trudy hurry up and pack her stuff? Hurry the fuck up, girl, or yer gonna be left behind and it'll be your own bloody fault. It's truly starting to piss me off how slack she is, and that's probably given away by my language.

Must go work. I hate having to work so much. Even if the 'net does work OK at Alan's place before broadband gets put in, I won't be on much because I have so much flaming work to do.
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