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All kinds of rubbish, some presented less than coherently

I'm randomly depressed tonight and I don't know why.

Mike, if you're reading this, you may be interested in this thread on Soon or at least be able to provide some form of an answer/clarification.

All was going lovely with getting ADSL ... until we submitted our registration. Because useless bloody Telstra decided to do some shitty wiring, we may not be able to get ADSL, although we should be able to ... however if we do, we have to get another line for some inexplicable reason. I HATE STUPID CRAP. So now whatever happens, we have to get another line - if we get ADSL, it appears we have to for aforementioned inexplicable reason, and if we have to stick with dialup (stupid rural suburb), I'm online so much we'd need to get another line just so that the others can still use the phone. Damn it all.

From Thursday I may not be online a terrible much. LiveJournal is blocked from school - stupid school (yes, everything's stupid tonight) - and we're not allowed to use the school Internet for non-school use and I've been lucky not to have been caught yet ... indeed, the Chaplain caught me once but I pled ignorance (erm ... that was a half-truth). Having little time online will probably be good for me, actually, because I'm on way too much.

Why does Australia have to have such a dispersed population thus making ADSL not feasible in many areas? Damn country. Hmm ... this makes me think about where I want to live in the future. Options;

1. Australia: love it here, but do I really want to stay?
2. New Zealand: love it there, but do I really want to go back?
3. America: er ... no. Maybe.

I'll probably stay here. It's easier that way.

Rugby tonight: NZ defeated Wales 53-37. Welsh played brilliantly, gave the Blacks a run for their money. PICK YOUR DAMN ACT UP NEW ZEALAND. I don't think I could handle another Cup loss. And if they lose to South Africa next week ... innocent things might die, along with guilty All Blacks.

England thumped Uruguay. This was completely expected and no-one was surprised.

Talked to Dad tonight. He tried to bring up the subject of me going over to NZ during the Christmas break, but I managed to unobviously change the subject. I'll probably go back sometime in January ... although we have no money to pay for it and Dad's too stingy to pay it all so it most likely won't happen, or at least not until Easter. Hmm ... I'll have to wait and see. I probably should head over because if I don't go over now, I'll have to go in Easter, and I don't want to go then - if I somehow pull off not going at Easter, the earliest after that I'd head over is December 2004 and Dad won't like that. I should go over this summer break sometime. Blech. Confusion.

I'm lonely. At least I have myself to keep me company. And the mess in my room that must be cleaned before we move. Stuff should be packed. Now. But it's late and I don't want to. Must. It shall be done.

Wow, that was pretty incoherent. But I'm in a short-sentences-that-aren't-quite-coherent mood.

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