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Pitiful little

Assignments are evil.
New computers rock.
New headphones with a microphone attached rock even more ... well they don't, but when you are going to have to wait 2-3 weeks for the new computer (so that you can get it even cheaper) and you have the headphone/microphone NOW, it may feel like they do.
Now I must talk to y'all. Actually, that'll have to wait until I have unlimited ADSL, most likely. Or maybe not.
Easy Geography exams are about as lovely as exams can get.
There are actually people out there who don't know what "shun" means.
I've become addicted to Money For Nothing by Dire Straits.
This quote has kept me going;

"You keep me standing
I can't wait that long
I could give up
But I'm gonna wake up
I could give in
But I won't
No, I won't give in" - random lyrics Bono sung during Out Of Control (13/12/81)

That is all.

--- 11:23pm ---

Actually, it's not. I'm such a horrid liar. (I was once, actually. If you ever go back in time and meet me when I'm 13, don't believe a word I say - it's safer that way)

I apologise for the serious poor quality of this, but I scanned it from a poor quality sheet we were given at school with a photo of all the Senior Leaders on it.

That's Natasha right at the front, me right behind her right shoulder, and Sam up behind me. The stairs they took that photo on was the most crowded stairs I've ever been on in my life. And I can't tell who the two people behind Sam are ... upon looking at the actual photo, it would appear the person on the right is Nina and the person on the left is Heidi. Really, my school should've printed something of a higher quality than this.

The first one I wrote last night. It just randomly came to be after I shut my computer down, so I booted it back up, hammered it out, and went to bed. Upon looking back at it, I think it needs some serious modification, and it sounds lame, but I'm posting it anyway. The second one I wrote a while ago in what I recall to be a similar case of shutting my computer down only to get an idea.

Any guesses on the theme(s) are welcome. Any comments that I shouldn't quit my day job are expected.

The Dawn Before It Breaks/The Ever-Breaking Dawn

Race across the border of the horizon
Look upon the dawn before it breaks
Marvel upon the day yet to begin
See the starlight left in its wake

Gaze upon the dark side of the moon
On a black winter night’s day
Look at the craters and the surrounding stars a-twinkle
Pluck the lights from the sky
Make them your own
But the sky is not yours tonight

Were you there when the stars were put in the sky?
Will you be there when they soar to earth
Scour through the soil
And deposit it on fields unknown?

Enjoy the early autumn day
Kick the leaves scattered o’er the ground
Feel the wind before it arrives
To scoop the leaves in its arms
Deposit them on fields you’ll never be again
Place them on plains you shall never know
Leave them in lands you cannot see

Were you there when the first sapling broke the soil?
Will you be there when the last leaf floats to earth
Gives the ground its final sweet floral kiss
And lets the fire ravage through
During the onset of the melting of the elements?

Will you be there when the sun bursts from the sky?
Will you be there when Apollyon destroys?
Will you be there when the little season of wrath
Flings the floodgates open and rushes across the plains of existence?
Have you reached over the horizon,
Seen the dawn before it has broken?
Melted into the bright shining light
Of the warmth of the sun?
Followed the way of the truth
Into the dazzling light of life?
Have you reached over the horizon?
Seen the dawn of a new day before it’s broken?
See the dawn before it breaks

Have you seen the dawn a-breaking?
Seen it throw the darkness to the ground?
Pummel it, smash it, grind it
Into distorted ashes that shall only rise anew
When the day seeps over the horizon

But some day, and the day shall come
When the endless dawn breaks
When the light of the sun fills the sky
When its dazzling beam lights up humanity
And the distorted ashes, the chaff on the threshing floor
Are thrown to the inferno left in the wake
Of the ever-breaking dawn
The ever-breaking dawn

Have you reached over the horizon?
Look upon the dawn before it breaks
Take the leap and soar with the eagles
Melting into the sun
As it ever-breaks


Rip out the heart with a razor
Fry at the shock of the tazer
Ripped in two, rubbed out, eraser
It don’t faze her
Oh no, it don’t faze her
Stab her with the razor
Then, then it’ll faze her

Hack at the limb
The body needs a trim
Eat it, all morbid and grim
It don’t matter to him
Oh no, it don’t matter to him
Give his body a trim
Then, then it’ll matter to him

Burn the pages
Forget the story and the sin wages
Forget the righteous sages
You don’t care about the pages
Oh no, don’t care about the pages
But when you must pay the sin wages
Then, then you’ll care about the pages

To life
To love
To hope
To truth

And the waves of the sea splash over me
The waves drag me under
The fingers of the chill reach out
Appetising, they lead me on
Lead me down into the grim deep
Lead me into the deadly freeze
Beckon me to the freeze that burns
The wandering, the lost, at my side
Beckoned, they shall follow
Sucked in, swirled into the misery chill
Swallowed by the deep’s hollow lies
Baseless, faceless, nameless, truthless
The deep’s hollow lies
The fingers of the chill reach out
Beckon me on, lead me in
I’m drowning in the sin
Gasping for air, oxygen so rare
Fill my lungs
The fingers of the deep,
They doth deprive me of life
Fill my lungs
Float me, wash me home
Away from the fingers of the chill
Away from the apathetic death of the deep
Away from doom and destruction so assured
Away from my downfall
Away, away
Apathy, away
Away, away
Wash me away
Wash me clean
Wash me clean
Sanctify me, bring this dream into life
Save me, save me, the fingers claw too close
Take away the razor the fingers wield
Don’t take my limbs away
Build me up, build me up, build me
Wash me clean
Watch the apathy slip, slide away

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