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Now this is what I call FAST!. I also want it. A gun that can send material from New York to Boston in a mere half-second is very exciting indeed.

You are... WAIT! - you're none of the Sins you're
an Angel!
Perfect, or close enough, and annoyingly so! Did
you always
behave so 'just right'. ARGHHH . You can annoy the
hell outta
people with your attitude, but no doubt your church
is real happy
with you. The positive side certainly outweighs the
after all, you do chores, are smart, are cute, do
charity work.
Least you know what a perfect saint you are. You
just make the rest
of us sinners vomit. Perhaps you could break the
rules once in a while, go wild - Eat an extra
cookie or something.
However - congratulations on being the most pure,
of the entire human race.

?? Which Of The Seven Deadly Sins Are You ??
brought to you by Quizilla

Am I the only person who finds U2's music is more than music? Really, I think this is the reason for my fanaticism about them: it means so much to me and at so many different times ... it has had the most profound effect on me.

I try to get in
But I can't find the door
The door is open
You're standing there
You let me in ...

Hmmm ... I really don't feel like saying much more. I'm not in a writing kind of mood. So just a few things.

1. The semi-finals of the speech competiton are tomorrow night. I wish I'd managed to memorise my speech, but I simply can't. It's not going in. So due to my reliance on palm cards, I most likely will not win. I'd like to just make it through to the final (which is held later on tomorrow night), just for the fun of it. Next year, I'll actually put some real effort in. Although ... not really caring does help me to relax, and it's good to go into it very relaxed. So there's advantages and disadvantages to both attitudes.
2. We went looking for my new computer today and found quite a good one. Mum's going to consult Sam's Dad tomorrow about it, seeing he knows what he's doing. He'll be able to make sure we go in the right direction.
3. I get this feeling I may be without the Internet for the first few days we're at Alan's. This might not be such a bad thing, because I'm online way too much as it is.
4. I hate my Modern History assignment. It is AWFUL. Worst assignment I've ever had.
5. Did well on my Maths B assignment. This pleases me. Straight A's are truly delightful.
6. I've begun packing my bookshelf for the move. This is the task I hate the most about moving. I've already filled up two boxes (one large, one reasonably sized) of books (and they're impossibly heavy), and yet, if you ignored the empty bottom shelf, you'd hardly know I'd packed anything. And then there's my third box full of all my religious literature - Bibles, New Testament Greek book, Theology For Beginners, et cetera - which will probably be the last box to go because when I have nothing to do, I like to flick through those books. It's interesting what you can find when you just open to a random page.

I now desperately need more boxes for the rest of my books. And yet I still feel I have an alarmingly inadequate number of books. I remember once visiting the house of a friend of my Dad's back in NZ, and when I walked into his library room, I was just blown away: all four walls had shelves built into them, and they were all full to bursting. I could've collapsed from the awe. I instantly had this feeling of "want, want, want, NEEDNEEDNEED!"
7. On a random note, I have discovered I really enjoy the music of Dire Straits.

Well, this turned out to be a bit longer than I anticipated.

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