Axver (axver) wrote,

My thoughts on 4th of July

Sounds a bit strange, in between Promenade and Bad. Not much, really, with no lyrics, and Adam and Edge had no idea Eno was recording them at Windmill Lane -

Wait, I was going to talk about the date in relation to America's Day of Independence, not the U2 song entitled '4th of July'.

Personally, I don't think much about it, but everyone I know in America is talking about fireworks, at fireworks right now, has been to fireworks, set off fireworks, can hear fireworks, or is doing something else fireworks-related and I'm starting to feel a bit jealous and left out all the way over here in Australia. I love fireworks, always have, ever since I was a little kid. I remember Guy Fawkes Night in NZ, on the 4th ... or is it 5th? of November, when we set off fireworks to commemorate the day Guy Fawkes unsuccessfully tried to blow up the English parliament. Guy Fawkes Night is such a great deal of fun ... ahh, memories ... I hate it how fireworks are illegal here without a permit.

Otherwise, I have very little to say in regards to the 4th of July, as in the date of American Independence. Some pubs here use it as a reason to sell beer cheap and thus pub patrons use it as a reason to get totally smashed (although they'd do it even if there was no reason and the beer was full price). I do probably have more to say on the U2 song '4th of July', though, or more precisely the marvellous song following it on The Unforgettable Fire CD, 'Bad'. I need to get the Wide Awake In America CD to hear the live, eight-minute long version of it. I simply NEED to hear that. 'Bad' is amazing live - anyone who's seen the Rattle And Hum video or the Live Aid concert would know that.

So, yes. 4th of July rocks as a song. Otherwise, it makes me remember Guy Fawkes Night and desire to see some fireworks.

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