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Now you can actually listen to me

Last night in the rugby;

Italy versus Wales proved to be a good game. Wales ended up winning 27-15, although for a while it was quite a bit closer and the teams were just trading penalties. I was pleased that Wales got up and won, although I would say the Italians are quite underrated.

A thunderstorm - which was fun, if loud - rolled in during the next game, France versus Scotland. Initially it was a close match, but then the French pulled away and completely outplayed the Scots. The final score was 51-9, and I couldn't believe it. The Scot's game plan was completely the wrong one, and when it proved to not work, they seemed to be completely unable to adapt to the French and kept on doing what they had been doing, which is why they got thoroughly thumped.

I've uploaded some sound files of myself speaking. There's some nonsense, rubbish, and stupidity about some stinking hot weather, along with another take and yet another attempt. Alright, they're all pretty repetitive, but I'm not sure which to cut so I decided to upload the lot of them. They're all 420 kilobytes or thereabouts. Download as many or as few as you want. I hope I've uploaded it correctly and that it works! Please tell me if there's some form of error. I know the sound quality's poor and my voice might be a bit hard to hear ... I'm hoping to get some better software and a better microphone (seeing I'm using my headphones as a microphone) with my new computer. I was going shopping for a new computer this afternoon, but the weather's packing in so we're going to go tomorrow after school instead.

Edit: I just attempted to use the links myself to download the files, and I found by clicking on it, I was given an error message by Geocities, but by right clicking on the link, selecting "Copy shortcut", pasting it into the address bar, and hitting enter, it would work.

The Gold Coast Indy is getting ready to start. The one day of worldwide fame for the Gold Coast, and hopefully the race this year will be good. A storm's rolling in so that should make things interesting. Last year the weather was atrocious: the crash at the start was spectacular and exciting, but the rest of the race was dull and boring, just the Indy cars following the pace car around. And in 2001, it was also very boring - one guy slid off at the start and that was it. I've always found other forms of car racing - notably the V8 Supercars - more exciting than this. But hopefully this year it'll be a good one.

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