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Some requests

I'd just like to make some requests. This is for my SOR assignment: one of my scenes is going to be a collage of photos of various celebrities and famous people. Thus, I thought I would ask for some input, or more precisely, photos. If you do have something to offer me, make sure that if I were to scale it down so that it fits in the space I have available, it won't become a mishmash of colours but actually still appear to be people. Thanks.

Now, the requests.

Fritz: do you have any really good pictures of Linkin Park?

Pat: the same as above, but for Metallica.

Lauren: the same as above, but for Clay.

All you people who have fallen in love with actors like Orlando Bloom lately might want to contribute a really good picture.

And although I already have enough U2 pictures, the U2 fans on my friends list may have some absolutely incredible U2 picture you can't resist contributing.

And if you have a photo of anyone else you'd like to contribute, feel free to do so.

Now, how will you get these to me? I can't remember if you can post pictures on comments, so if you can't, either e-mail me or point me towards the website it's on. Thanks, everyone.

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