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Photos and Namibia

I feel sorry for Namibia. They're getting so thoroughly demolished by Australia because they really don't have much in the way of skills and I hate to think how demoralising this loss will be for them. Massive losses just destroy morale on the team that goes down, especially if it's like this. Alright, NZ did Tonga last night, but Tonga's an established 7-a-side nation - that's their form of rugby, not 15-a-side. This is different. Namibia's an emerging nation and this'll just be demoralising for them.

Trying to find more photos to scan, but most of what's in my room are photos I've taken of trains. Maybe I'll go see what's in Mum's room, but we don't have much in the way of recent photos. We need to use our camera more. Most stuff is a good few years old.

I wish Sam would hurry up and e-mail me the photos he took last night on the digital camera ...

Final score in Australia versus Namibia: 142-0. Three points off the World Cup record (New Zealand 145 - Japan 17) and the record highest margin. Poor Namibia.

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