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After all is said and done ...

No wonder I have ego problems.

Tonight: Speech competition.
My attitude: I don't really care what happens. I prefer debating anyway, and I'm not sure if I really want to make it to the semis anyway because that means I have to travel half an hour to get there.
My speech: on palm cards, not memorised. Not intended to be funny.
My competition: many of them are very serious and want to get through to the next round. If I got through instead of them and they found out about my attitude, they'd probably kill me.

So what happened? To quote myself, "Not bad for a guy who didn't care." Yep, not only did I do a blinder of a speech - today's been my day for blinders - but I came equal first in my heat (top three go through). Oh my Zooropa, that was amazing. Mum told me that I had the audience completely gripped, particularly with my presentation. I got a lot more laughs than I expected. AND I HAD GREAT FUN! I really hope I have that much fun next week. In that time, I may try to memorise my speech. Wow, that was just amazing.

In other news;
- I hate History and REALLY need to get to work on the loathsome subject.
- We've had some late hassles with going to the rugby tomorrow but all should be well. Cannot wait for the game.
- It's gotten so hot lately. I'm probably going to have to stop wearing my blazer and tie to school, which annoys me because it's got convenient pockets to carry my glasses case, Bible, and other miscellaneous items I like to carry around, such as notes to hand in and palm cards for speeches.
- Had a fire drill at school this morning. That's always funny. I now have severe imaginary burns from the imaginary fire.
- That will do.

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