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No, it's not all on today's debate

Can I be arrogant for a second? Thank you. Just a second - well a sentence - and I'll be done. I AM BLOODY FANTASTIC AT DEBATING. There, end of arrogance. WE WON THE HOUSE DEBATING! I couldn't believe it. Allow me to outline the team (Wesley);

Michael - a guy who refuses to debate again and has virtually no debating experience at all.
Stacy - has even less debating knowledge than Michael. When I said "We need a theme", she asked me what a theme was.
Myself - a debator of exaggerated and overrated ability.

The opposing team (Luther), had Natasha. She is a very good technical speaker - even if she isn't the most exciting one - and she decided to take third speaker. In the interschool debates, she's always wanted to have a go at third, but it's permanently my spot so she's taken the chance now. Their first speaker was brilliant, and set up Luther's case very well. Our first speaker, Michael, was embarrasing. We were affirmative so he was the first of the lot, and he initially began quite well, defining the topic and such. But then he forgot to introduce Stacy or myself, didn't describe the split, failed to mention what our theme is, and launched right into his speech. And at one point during it and at the end, he did the big "no-no" of saying "And I've totally stuffed up my speech". Stacy, for someone who's done virtually no debating did quite well; Luther's second was only average ... and then it was me.

The topic was "That the price of fame is too high", and we were the affirmative. The opposition had equated fame with success and based basically their entire case on that. So I got up there, got right stuck into things, ripped their case to pieces, used a U2 quote to focus my summary on, did only the second speech in my entire debating career that I'm proud of, and sat back down, expecting that, although I'd done well, we were still going to lose. Natasha, as third speaker for Luther, managed to completely ignore my destruction of her case, and although she spoke technically brilliantly, she just didn't have the passion. I still expected to lose, though. We all did. But then the adjudicator came back in ... AND WE WON! BY TWO POINTS! (One point is close, five is considered a thumping, and to be fair, six or higher is generally never given. When we won an interschool debate by six once, my coach said, had he been adjudicating, he would've given the other team a point or taken one off us to reduce the margin to five, to make it fair) I couldn't believe it. I actually leapt off my seat and pumped the air. It was the most incredible upset, and I don't think we should've won. But good Zooropa, I spoke a blinder. One reason that I don't want to leave school is that I won't be able to do debating. I love it and I'll miss it. This is the last year I can do house debating, because the grade 12s are ineligible. I'm going to try to bend the rules next year ... although I'm not sure if I want to, because I'm getting really pissed off at how people expect us to win just because I'm on the team. PLEASE, GET SOME OTHER DEBATORS YOU FLAMING MORONS.

Anyhow. Speech competition tonight. How thrilling. I don't really care, but hey, hopefully it'll be fun.

The guys in my grade are complete and utter flaming morons. That is all for now. I may update later. But they're f**king morons and if you don't like my language, that's why I censored it out of a sense of respect. Some of them I can't stand. Throwing around lunchboxes containing a substance that literally smells of poo in class is NOT funny. It is STUPID and IMMATURE. Grow the hell up.

Also, the sun needs to learn not to shine onto my computer screen. I hate it how it sneaks through a gap in my blinds that I can't close. Bah.

--- 5:09 ---

What happened today. I had English class fifth, and the guys in my class are fairly representative of the majority of the guys in my grade. Really, they are. If you just judged them by their actions, it'd be terribly hard to tell them apart. So anyhow, they discovered this lunchbox, and inside it was a substance that literally smelt of poo. Now what would you do upon making such a discovery? I sincerely doubt you'd decide to throw it right across the classroom quite hard at your friend. But that's what they did. It went from there. All of the guys in my class apart from myself, Sam, and Aaron either threw it around or supported the others. They seemed to find immense pleasure in throwing this around the class at each other, and some of them decided to throw it in a ceiling fan. Thankfully they didn't do this - had they done so, I hate to think what could've happened. So they were doing this, annoying the crap out of everyone and basically making themselves look like immature morons, when one of them threw it and it burst open, exploding all over Sam. That was DISGUSTING. At that moment, Tommo, our teacher, walked in and ordered all of the guys - including Aaron, Sam, and I - outside, and gave us a good talking-to. Every lesson he wastes at least twenty minutes (more than a third of the lesson) because they won't be quiet, yell out really immature jokes, act stupidly, et cetera, and he's moving them so often it's not funny - very few of them are left sitting in the same seat at the end of the lesson as they were at at the start, or their desk has been isolated from all others. The crap Tommo has to put up with is astounding. These guys are the essence of immaturity. They throw things, yell things, try to turn everything into a sex joke, never do their work ... it's bloody annoying. So Tommo got us outside and gave us a rant, saying just how disappointed he is and how all of our recent relief teachers have said that we're the worst class they've ever had and they had a hard time just trying to read a sheet out. He then decided to make us clean up an area of the school. Now seeing I'd done nothing in the class, I refused to accept punishment for something I'd played no part in and thus did nothing ... well, I did put two pieces of rubbish in the bin. And so because of this, I am now, according to Trent, a "f**king fag". What? Hang on, YOU were one of the morons throwing the disgusting substance around. YOU were one of the idiots who got us this punishment in the first place. Why am I a "f**king fag"? I've done flaming NOTHING. Piss off, you moron. If anyone's a "f**king fag", it's you, YOU STUPID BLOODY PRAT. You all [that is, the morons in my English class] are stupid bloody gits and I can't stand the lot of you. I hope one of you stumbles across this just so you can read what contempt I hold you in. Grow up. NOW. You're NOT funny, you're NOT clever; you're just stupid. If you've ever wondered why all the girls in the grade think you're flaming immature and don't like you, NOW YOU BLOODY KNOW. Considering how much time you spend looking at them [side note: you're also flaming perverts], I would think you'd at least want to be liked by them.

GRR. These people annoy me. GREATLY. Why is it Tommo's grade eight classes are more restrained and mature than his year eleven class? EVERY ONE OF HIS CLASSES is more mature than ours. The guys in my English class, and in my entire grade, need to pick up their act.

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