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On eyesight and wanting to know what better sight is like

You know what's interesting? It hasn't been until very recently that I've ever truly desired to have better eyesight. I'm pretty close to legally blind - it's so bad I'll never drive, and there's nothing the doctor's can do to fix it - but I'd always been content with my eyesight. I didn't mind it at all, it was just how I could see and I never imagined any different. But now ... I really want to know what it's like to have normal - or even just better, not necessarily normal - sight. I've suddenly become curious as to how other people see. Until recently, I'd never really pondered on the idea that most everyone else sees differently to me - I saw how I saw, and I just assumed things were the same, or when I understood they weren't, it was just this passing thought I never dwelt upon. However, now that I HAVE thought about it, I want to know what normal eyesight is like. Do you people see things bigger? More detail? How can you possibly read what's written on a whiteboard fifteen metres away? How can you read the prices on signs behind counters at shops? How the Popmart do you do it? The one thing in the world that I find the most incredible is when people can read the whiteboard from the back of the classroom or whatever. I look at them in wonderment, because I cannot imagine it being done. Sometimes I can't even read it from the front row! (That's why I have a monocular - basically half a binocular) I'll walk around with my friends, and they'll point out stuff, and it'll just baffle me as to how they can see it. It's so amazing to me, it's like some kind of special trick or superhero ability or something.

I just wish there was some way that I could experience what normal sight is like. Not actually fix my eyesight, but just experience normal sight - a day, an hour, even a minute, just to experience it.

What I find funny is how my life is in my eyes - I couldn't enjoy my two passions, reading and writing, without being able to see - and yet my eyesight is so dodgy. Heh.

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