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A boring life

I was just thinking - yes, I CAN actually think, gasp in amazement (good bob, that was lame) - and I've realised how intensely BORING my life is. It's so insanely boring it's not funny. I don't know if I could have a more boring life if I tried. The fact I survive is testament to the fact that boredom is NOT deadly. I REALLY wish someone I know in person read this, because then I'd challenge them to do something entirely random and exciting to me in the next week, but alas, I've not mentioned this to anyone but Sam, and he respected my privacy enough to not ask for the address. If any of you would like to do something delightfully random and fun to me, feel free to do so, just first figure out how to do it when I'm on the other side of the world (or across the Tasman or 18 hours north, depending upon who you are).

My life consists of school, getting online, reading and writing, and occasionally going round to friend's places. It's very dull and monotonous. Thing is, the regularity and monotony has suited me for so long. In fact, I could probably just go on like this for the rest of my life and not really care. But I had so much fun today doing stuff I don't normally do, hanging out with people I don't normally hang out with, just getting out of my routine and having a really good time, and I wouldn't mind doing that more often. I'm terribly introverted ... social interaction scares me if it's with people I don't know. But when it's with my friends, I absolutely love it, and I didn't want to go home today. I was having such crazy fun. Maybe I need to get out more ... but where? I've always subscribed to the philosophy that you can't go out just expecting to make friends, you can't go looking for one, just that friendships naturally happen ... but now I want to make friends, I want to meet other interesting people and get out there and do things. So yes, my desires conflict with my philosophy. Thoughts?

As my entry from this morning stated, it was raining and I was afraid we couldn't play cricket, but I gave Sam a phone call at 9:45 and he said it was dry at his place, that all the rain had been overnight. So I got dressed, got together my cricket gear, piled it in the car, and Mum drove me round to Sam's. Patrick was already there - he'd stayed the previous night (apparently he and Sam had stayed up all night playing Gravitation, a game I shall explain later) - and he was playing a computer game he and Sam love, Stronghold: Crusader or something like that. So he was busy raising this army and creating a new map while Sam and I sat around and watched and talked. He's into making Lego trains and puts on a display at a local church as part of their Christmas display, and so he was showing me a picture of this train he's building - I want to order the HO scale (proper model trains) version of it - and what he's built so far. He's got a long way to go, but it's looking good. Eventually, Sam and I got bored of watching Pat so we kicked him off the computer and Sam loaded up Trainz - a program on which you create model train layouts and run trains (more fun than it sounds) - to show me this ABSO-BLOODY-LUTELY IN-BLOODY-CREDIBLE layout he's making. The main line is eight tracks, and in one point EIGHTEEN. It's absolute madness. Your average layout is 0.75 megabytes. His layout is SEVENTY-FIVE megabytes. It's BIG, and I mean BIG. After he showed me that and made the poorest attempt at crashing a train I've ever seen, we went off to have lunch (I need to steal that lovely Cherry Coke Sam had at his house) and played Gravitation.

Gravitation is a Playstation game that's seriously old. I believe the copyright said 1996 (I get this feeling it was adapted from a different platform) and was developed in just ten weeks. In the game, you control a triangular shaped thing that fires bullets and is supposed to be a spaceship. There are various different maps - one is a massive wooden maze, in one you have pipes blocking your way, on another you're in caves, and our favourite has ground at the bottom, this strange and deadly star-ish dust-ish circular thing in the middle - and on each map, there's gravity that pulls you towards the bottom (or if your enemy finds a certain pickup, the top), and unless you hit it in the right way, that usually results in death, so you try to keep airborne and not touch anything. Hence the name Gravitation. And so you go around trying to kill your opponent.

Now usually I don't go for violent games - I gave a very prompt "no" when Patrick suggested plugging in his X-Box and playing Halo - but this can hardly be called "violent". It's just silly fun. One form of the game we created was where we flew around not shooting, but attempting to kamikaze into each other and explode (in the process, losing a life - if I remember right, you start off with five lives). Good Zooropa, that was funny. The idea was that you'd try to get your opponent to fly at you, but then you'd move in the nick of time and because of the gravity and/or their speed stopping them from pulling out of the move, they'd hit an obstacle or the ground and explode while you get away with your life. It was so hilarious to watch and play.

Ben showed up while we were playing this. Him and Tom were supposed to arrive around midday or 1, but Ben didn't show up until about 2, and then Tom, through a series of delays, didn't get there until 3, when my Mum turned up. But she was staying to have coffee with Sam's Mum because the two get on very well, and we went off to play cricket, FINALLY. On the way, Ben said some girl he knew called Katie lived along the road we were walking up, so he dropped in to see if she wanted to come. We kept on going and arrived at the park, set up our stuff, and I was just practicing my bowling when Ben and Katie appeared.

At first, we were going to use a hard cricket ball, but it was red and with my eyesight, I had intense trouble seeing it. Sam needs to get a white ball, because I'd be able to see that. Now I haven't bowled in ages, so I'm really out of practice - last year I missed most chances to play cricket because of the stitches in my back (bowling would've ripped them out real quick) - but my practice balls with the hard one weren't too bad. But due to the sight issues and the fact that if the hard ball hit you, it HURT (I know: the bloody thing hit my foot), we switched to using a tennis ball, and because I'm completely not used to bowling with that and because of being out of practice, my bowling STANK. It was terrible. I'd throw it too high or too wide or too low, but never right. And when it hit the ground, it wouldn't bounce like the hard ball did. Bah.

But we had fun anyway. Katie initially just sat and watched while we played, but then at the end she joined in bowling. For the first time in my life, I actually finished the match with more runs than someone else. I ACTUALLY SCORED MORE RUNS THAN SOMEONE! This is a monumental event in The History Of Andre. I cannot bat: I am embarrassing. I can't see the ball well, so I'll swing high, swing low, swing away, swing about, swing somewhere, swing nowhere, swing elsewhere, but never connect with the ball. And yet I actually got runs. More than Ben! I couldn't believe it. Well actually, I think we may've been equal ... but when I asked him, he said I had scored more and when I proclaimed "I've actually scored more than someone? This is incredible! Wow, that's the first time in my life I've done that!", no-one protested, and if it was false, I know Tom, Pat, and Sam would've said something, and most likely Ben too.

So we had our fun and played for nearly an hour. We then went home with Katie leaving to go back to hers on the way, and then played Gravitation while sitting around eating chips and drinking various forms of lemon-flavoured soft drinks for about another hour before Mum decided to take me home, picking up Subway for dinner on the way. The girl who served us had a great sense of humour.

The radio in our car is absolutely stuffed, and when I hopped in the car this afternoon, to my surprise, I discovered Mum had finally gotten around to putting some cassettes in the car. The one that was currently on was UB40, which was OK, but I can't say I really liked it. Then we put on Once In A Lifetime: The Best Of Talking Heads, and that I enjoyed. I grew up listening to that. Mum says that when she painted my room yellow when I was five (Hee, I miss that room), she listened to this Talking Heads cassette, although I personally don't remember that. But I quite enjoyed it. I've now got Psycho Killer and Once In A Lifetime stuck in my head. I need to download them.

Mum also talked to Sam's Dad about getting a new computer, and he recommended quite a good one. Maybe it's not as fast as I'd like it to be - only 2.4 gigahertz whereas those 3.06 gigahertz models are very tempting - but otherwise it sounds fantastic. Things are really getting going. Eeee.

Now if only my life would be a bit more enjoyable and fun and delightful like today was, and if only my spiritual issues would be resolved, I could say that life is grand.

And after reading this, I want a black light. (For those of you who don't know, I'm an albino)

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