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I usually like rain. NOT TODAY.

NO. It can NOT rain today. We've had so little bloody rain lately, it just CANNOT RAIN TODAY. Of all the bloody days it could rain, NOT TO-FREAKING-DAY! Why couldn't have you started raining yesterday MORNING rather than EVENING? Why couldn't you wait until TOMORROW? Or a school day so that I can laugh at the people who are too afraid to go from class to class because they'll get wet? STUPID BLOODY WEATHER. You can't play cricket in the rain. Besides the obvious factors of that it's dangerous for the bowler and batsmen to run on very slippery and possibly muddy grass, the ball simply does not bounce in the wet. The wet will ruin a game of cricket. I remember Sam said "We'll play in the rain", but you CAN'T.

GRR. GO AWAY, RAIN. I was looking forward to this game of cricket. BAH.

You're Doomed to be Frodo!

The film you has become severely more cuddly then the book you and
we've become concerned about your unnatural lack of interest in food.
You've traded in some lovable Hobbit traits for that Hollywood cutie
pie face. And if that isn't bad enough that @#$%&! Arwen stole your
scene at the Ford of Bruinen.

member of the Fellowship are you doomed to be?

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8:04 - Is that ... sunshine I see? Is it really? Are those clouds going away? Damn well better be. I usually don't like the sun, but this is an exception. I damn well hope we can still play cricket.

Eeeeee, England defeated South Africa 25-6! w00t! This is a MASSIVE relief. NZ will now almost certainly face South Africa in the quarter finals. France also defeated Japan 51-29, but that does NOT indicate how close the game was. The Japanese were within a point at one stage, and the final margin rightfully should've been less.

It's funny how true some stuff can be;
"I'm not afraid of anything in this world/There's nothing you can throw at me that I haven't already heard" - U2, Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of
Damn right. It's funny how people try to offend me. It just does NOT work.

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