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Quizzes, batteries, and stuff


?? Which Of The Greek Gods Are You ??
brought to you by Quizilla


Your Type is
Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging
Strength of the preferences %
67, 22, 67, 100

Qualitative analysis of your type formula

You are:
-distinctively expressed introvert

-slightly expressed intuitive personality

-distinctively expressed thinking personality

-very expressed judging personality

In class, I got INTJ/ISTJ. I was right on the border of Sensing (S) and Intuition (N), so I counted in both of them. In this one, I obviously just fell on the N side of things. In class, the test said that if you fell right down the middle for S and N, then you counted for N, but S would also be very true.

In class, I also got a higher score for introversion and thinking, which is most likely more accurate. It's fun seeing what other people get. In class, it was so funny, when people read out explanations of their results and others would yell "That's so you!" Thing is, when I read my explanation, people didn't say much, and because most of the people in the class don't really know me, it rammed home just how true the introversion rating was.

So yes, if anyone else decides to do this, please share your results. It was grand fun in SOR.

This story probably won't sound that funny, but holy carp, it was hilarious at the time. At my school, everyone who does Maths B or C gets a graphics calculator - some people, like Pat and myself, don't like them much and only use them when we have to, preferring to stick to our normal calculator, while others, such as Sam, prefer their graphics calculator and never use their normal one any more. These graphics calculators happen to have four batteries, and on Monday, Sam stole a battery out of Pat's graphics calculator, and hid it in - yes, in - his tie. We were both waiting for Pat to demand his battery back, but he didn't, because he rarely uses the calculator. So on Wednesday, Sam gave it back to him - and when the battery was given to him, it was the first he knew it was stolen! This was funny, but what happened on Thursday was even better.

Sam and I had study in period two, and at the end, he headed off to a musical meeting while I went back to my locker. When I got there, I discovered, to my surprise, that I had Sam's graphics calculator. Remembering the incident with Pat, I decided to keep it, and locked it in my locker. Seeing it was morning tea, I went over and sat down where we usually sit and began eating, as you do. Suddenly, this very hard thing hit me in the face, right below my right eye, and I look up to see Sam walking up. This thing hurt like hell - Sam claims it was a very compressed and hard lump of dirt, but if it was, it's the most rock-like lump of dirt I've ever felt in my life - and Sam protests "But I was aiming for Patrick!" Pissed off, I yelled at him "Well I'm definitely not giving you back your calculator now!" Holy crap, it was SO BLOODY FUNNY! That really threw him. He just looked at me, and said something like "Huwha? Whaat? My calculator? Huuh?" and I refused to say any more about it. (Turned out his meeting had been cancelled and he had decided to make his entry by pegging the dirtrock at Pat's shoulder, but his aim sucks)

At the end of morning tea, Pat and I headed back to my locker, and Pat had found this small stick, shaped rather like a battery. So I took Sam's calculator out of my locker and gave it to Pat, who promptly took off the thick black duct tape Sam uses to hold his batteries in (he lost the case thing a long time ago), removed one battery, put the stick in, put the tape back on, and it looked just like nothing had changed. We then agreed that Pat was going to give it back to Sam if he got the chance, saying "Hey look, I stole this back off Andre", and then watch Sam's reaction when he tried to use it.

However, he didn't get a chance and still had it at lunchtime. Although he had made one addition: he'd written "Bum" on the duct tape, and because of where Sam's name is written on the calculator, it now looks like it belongs to Sam [last name]'s Bum. (Patrick has this weird obsession with the word "bum" that freaks me out) We had different classes during period five, but in period six we all had Maths C and this was the perfect opportunity. Sam demanded his calculator back, and Patrick goes "OK, OK" and hands it back. First thing Sam checks for is that all the batteries are there. He feels the duct tape, and of course it feels like they're still there. At this point, he notices the "Bum" and yells at Patrick. Robbo, the teacher, at this point takes notice and laughs at Sam before turning to do something else. Sam then goes to turn the calculator on. He then tries again. Upon the third hitting of the on button, he realises something is really wrong here, makes some strange annoyed wimpering noise like "Oi!", checks the batteries again, tries to turn it on, and demands to know what we've done. By this time, Pat and I are trying not to laugh, and so Sam decides to check the batteries once more. This time, he peels back the duct tape, to find the stick. Holy crap, it was hilarious. He threw it at Pat, yelled at him some more, and demanded his battery back. In fear of being punched and/or kicked by Sam, Patrick quickly gave the battery back, just before Robbo moved him for being too noisy.

Thus ended the saga of the graphics calculators and batteries.


6:20pm or so.

Poor Romania just got thumped in the rugby World Cup by Australia, 90-8. But I'm pleased for them, because they'd never scored a try in any of the three World Cups they'd competed in before, but they got one today. Seriously, unless NZ's dishing out the thumping - and sometimes even then - I don't like to see these countries get absolutely done. Australia was not that good, though. Wendell Sailor is WAY overrated. That guy's bloody useless. They crack him up to be the next Jonah Lomu - a big black guy who stomps everyone in his way - but whereas you needed quite a few men to bring Jonah down, just one little Romanian can drag Wendell down.

In other more exciting sports news, NEW ZEALAND DEFEATED AUSTRALIA IN THE RUGBY LEAGUE FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE 1999! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I'm not a rugby league man - it can't hold a candle to rugby union - but it's FANTASTIC to see this win. 26-16 I believe the full-time score was. SUCK ON THAT, AUSTRALIA! Now WE'RE beating YOU. Don't like that, do you? Can't handle NZ being better than you? *parades NZ's sporting greatness around and rubs it in Australia's face*



I REALLY was going to work on my assignments and stuff today. Truly, I was. And then it suddenly became 5pm and that melted into 6pm faster than water flows out the tap. So I'll probably end up doing it all tonight instead of replying to the e-mails and comments I was going to spend time replying to. BAH.

I hear New Zealand is going great against India in the cricket. This pleases me greatly. And the latest Australia versus Zimbabwe test is looking like it's going to be a bit closer than last week's thumping. Matty Hayden is such a bloody legend.

"[Something] can't hold a candle to [something else]" has suddenly become my saying of late. Thank you very much, arguments on a U2 MB I go to about whether Pink Floyd can hold a candle to U2 (which they most certainly CAN and the second someone said they couldn't, I thought they were mad. So I'm not THAT blindly fanatical).

Home Brand lemonade SUCKS. Never drink it. One important prerequisite of lemonade is that it has fizz that is actually nice and lasts more than one day after the bottle's been opened, and another is that when you drink it, it doesn't leave an awful aftertaste in your mouth or make you want to eat something to get the taste of liquified and carbonated plastic out of your mouth.


More great sporting news: Wellington - my team - made it to the grand final of New Zealand's National Provincial Competition! EEEEEEEE! And I hear Auckland beat Otago, so it'll be a home final against Auckland. Should be good. (Well, Kapiti-Horowhenua is actually my team, but they're down in the third division and Wellington's pretty local anyway. It's only like 50 minutes down the road and everyone goes for them anyway because they're high profile while Kapiti-Horowhenua's left down in the third division doldrums)

Tomorrow I'm going to play cricket with Sam and Pat, and hopefully Tom and Ben are coming too. Sam better call me tonight. Mum and I will also be talking to Sam's Dad about getting a new computer because his Dad's in the industry. I'm greatly looking forward to getting this computer. Hopefully I'll be able to move into a new house with a new computer with a new unlimited ADSL connection. SQUEENESS.

Life is grand. Apart from the faith problems and looming speech competition.

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