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Finally, things are getting into gear

Finally, people are getting their act together and getting things into gear. Both at school and at home.


Everyone's focusing on the upcoming exams. This is very good - they're not just going to creep up on me like last term. I'm feeling ready and prepared already. I'm planning on getting my assignments done with heaps of time to spare. It's like everything's just falling into place, and I love it.

Shame about all the work. Over this long weekend, I have the following to work on;
- Speech competition speech. It needs to be finished, refined, made to run for eight minutes, and praticed. (Or is it 'practised'? I've been hopeless with the distinction and thus always said 'practiced')
- English short story. SO BLOODY EASY. I have until November the 1xth to do it, and I'm already a good way through my first draft and my ideas are falling right into place. This won't be hard at all, considering how things look now.
- Geography assignment. Being able to use everything from last year is such an incredible assistance, and makes what would be a difficult assignment quite easy. I might get some work done on it this weekend.
- SOR assignment. Ideas are falling into place for this, too. Only problem is printing photos: my school only does black and white and my home printer SUCKS. But by the time we move into Alan's - four days BEFORE my SOR assignment is due - I'll have a new printer. EEEEEEEEE.
- Modern History assignment. This will most likely be the hardest. It's a 5-7 minute on Australian foreign and economic policy after WWII or something like that. Bleh, I don't want to do it. And we have to hand in research notes or we can't get better than a C. DAMN YOU PEOPLE. I DON'T MAKE NOTES. I copy information to my computer, type up a first draft, go through it and make corrections and add/remove as necessary, and boom, I'm done. But they expect us to hand in notes, first and later drafts, and crap like that. That's not how I work. It goes completely against how I like to do things. Bloody school system. I may just make up notes!
Apparently we were also going to be getting a Maths C assignment this week, but we haven't. We damn well better get it soon, or we won't have enough time to work on it. Ah well, it's only on Leslie Matrices, so it won't be terribly hard. And I have Maths B homework over the weekend, but it's dead easy. I cannot get over just how insanely easy differentiation is. Can it get any easier? The only thing I don't like about it is how monotonous and boring it can be doing exercise after exercise.


Again, things are just falling into place. I can't wait for the move to Alan's. I GET MY OWN FRIDGE! Haha, yes, it's TRUE. James, Alan's nineteen year old son, is a fitness fanatic, but his one weakness is sweet food like chocolate: if there's any in the house, he'll eat it ASAP. Thus, to store my food, I get a fridge. I may even put a lock on it! Haha, this is hilarious. A FRIDGE! (Have I already told you all this? Heh, oh well, I find it quite amusing and worth another telling) I'll also be getting our sound system downstairs because Alan has his own one. Thus, I'll be able to play cassettes, and I'm going to try to figure out some way to record them onto my computer. We've got quite a few old cassettes I like, and I'm very much looking forward to regularly listening to my Shadows cassettes.

Furthermore, we'll definitely be getting a new printer in the next few weeks, and although Mum's saying we will only "might be" getting a new computer, I'm pretty sure we will be. I damn well hope so. And we're getting our act together with getting ADSL, so wow, I love this.

This weekend is also a long weekend - as I explained before, I get Monday off. On Sunday, I'm going round to Sam's to play cricket, and Pat'll also be coming round. We're hoping Ben and Tom will be able to make it too. That'll be great fun. I don't even hate Ben any more. I'm getting along with him and his cousin Robert for the first time since our big falling out a few years ago, and I'm getting on even better than I used to with his cousin Melissa (they're all in the same grade at my school). So yes, as I was saying, we'll be playing cricket, and that should be great fun. I'll probably be rusty at my bowling, and my batting and fielding has always left something to be desired thanks to my eyesight, but I'm really looking forward to it. A few balls into it and my bowling should be back up to its normal high standard. Hopefully I'll still be able to do my favourite spinner, the one that soars up high in the air but comes down, hits the ground just before the batsman, and simply doesn't bounce. The batsman thinks it's going to bounce high and swings up, allowing the ball to skid striaght under his bat and onto the wicket. It doesn't always work, but when it does, it's grand.

Next weekend, on Saturday, I'm planning for Sam and Aaron to come around. Because we're moving, we won't have access to my community's table tennis room any more, so we're going to have our last table tennis tournament, and Sam and I are also going to introduce Aaron to the wonders that are held in Monty Python. I have Live At The Hollywood Bowl and Quest For The Holy Grail, and Sam may rent Life Of Brian. That shall be a fun day indeed. Hopefully Aaron will appreciate Python.

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