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Online too much

I've just realised I'm online way too much. Or, more precisely, I hog the phone line way too much. There would be no issue if I had broadband. Thus, until I get broadband in November, I'm going to come to a decision. On Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, I'm only going to be online for two hours maximum on messageboards and such. If I have more e-mails to reply to than I can in the time, or not enough time to make an LJ post, then I'll disconnect with the update and reply pages up, type out my reply, and reconnect later to post on LJ and send the e-mails. I can't keep on hogging the phoneline so badly. I'm sure there's quite a few people trying to get through who can't, and Trudy often needs to use the phone.

I cannot wait for broadband ...

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