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I'm disgusted

I've read bad music reviews before, but the reviews of U2 found at this website - (of the Pop CD) and (of the All That You Can't Leave Behind CD) - are shameful. The person who reviewed them - particularly the moron who reviewed Pop - obviously has no understanding of the message or meaning Bono was trying to get across, or the symbolism he was using. In fact, this pathetic review put someone I know off U2. I'm disgusted. The idiot who wrote these reviews should be ashamed. Sure, U2's lyrics often have multiple meanings, but the guy who wrote it seemed to be oblivious to the very Christian ones that were there.

This made me laugh;

'Objectionable Content: That same song [Wild Honey] also gives a nod to Darwinian evolution ("In the days when we were swinging from the trees/I was a monkey"). '

Firstly, believing in evolution doesn't stop one from being a Christian, nor is it objectional content. Secondly, when I first heard those lines, I thought of childhood, not Darwinian evolution.

I'm disgusted beyond words now. I can't believe the reviewer missed some very obvious meanings. Now I know not to listen to reviews by Focus on the Family or whatever they're called. So at least I've learnt something out of this.
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