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Andre TV and Radio, and Chemically Bum, the latest hit rock band

Hopefully I didn't offend anybody with my prior rant, but I make no apologies for it. Some stuff I like, some stuff I don't, and that's that. I sound like a stubborn old man ... well, take out 'old' and that's probably right! Or leave 'old' in if you consider sixteen old.

Some days I really wish I owned my own TV station and radio. Ahh, that would be grand.

Andre TV, Wednesday night line-up.

5:00 - Fawlty Towers hour
6:00 - Hogan's Heroes
6:30 - M*A*S*H hour
7:30 - Dad's Army
8:00 - Frasier
8:30 - Seinfeld
9:00 - Get Smart
9:30 - Movie: Monty Python And The Holy Grail

Now THAT would be GREAT. You wouldn't be able to get me away from the TV. I'd be glued to the floor.

And Andre Radio ... now that would be nice. Wake up to U2, go to bed to U2, and listen to a lot of U2 and other quality music (Pink Floyd, Linkin Park, Jimmy Eat World, REM, etc) in between, all without the pesky pop and rap!

Speaking of music, Sam and I have settled on a band name for if we ever start a band. We shall be called Chemically Bum. There's a story behind this, which I shall now tell. A while ago, Sam found this bottle full of this absolutely disgusting liquid - dirty water, decomposing bits of bark, liquid from these berries that stink like crazy, et cetera. Once he poured some on Patrick's trousers and the poor guy couldn't get the smell out for over a week, and it started to stink up his room. Sam had always described the smell of it as the smell of bum - I think the only words for it are "awful, bloody awful" - and today he was asking me if I'd smelt it, to which I responded with a "yes", and he proceeded to say "It smells like bum. In fact, not that, but it smells chemically bum." And there we had it: Chemically Bum, the latest chart-topping rock band from Australia. Now all we need is to find a singer, Sam to learn an instrument, me to learn to play my guitar better, and someone to play bass or drums (whichever Sam doesn't take). That would be Chemically Bum. I think it's hilarious.

"You know, your band really stinks!"
"Ever checked the name?"

It sure would stand out, I'll give it that.

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