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What I am sick of

I am sick of Reality TV. Sick and tired of it. I would do my speech competition speech on it, but I'd end up offending people because I know I'd start blasting a show people there like, and knowing my luck it'd be the judge's favourite show. GRR. So thus, I shall vent about the crappy nature of reality TV and anything related to it here. If I pay out your favourite show, don't take it personally. Just skip this entry and think I'm utterly insane. If you read it, you will most likely still think I'm utterly insane, so it's not going to make much difference.

The one show truly pissing me off right now is flaming Australian Idol. I am SICK of it. STOP BLOODY TALKING ABOUT AUSTRALIAN IDOL. It is a candidate for worst TV show of the year, right up there with Home And Away, Neighbours, Temptation Island, and other quality programming such as that. It's ABSOLUTE CRAP. Why won't it just finish already? They should just rename it "Stupid morons who probably can't sing going on TV because this is the only way they ever have a chance of getting noticed." I doubt any musically talented person would ever use such a medium to get a recording contract. All of the great bands and singers of the past have actually gotten to their position through skill and talent, not through becoming flavour of the month on some truly crappy TV show that never should've been broadcast in the first place.

Funny thing is, in five years, NO-ONE WILL REMEMBER A THING! All these people competing on Aussie Idol will fade away into the same oblivion the winners of Popstars have faded into, never to be heard from again. And a bloody good thing that will be. Stupid fads. I HATE THEM. Go away. Please, fade into oblivion NOW, don't waste valuable airwaves. I'm sick of all these different Idol specials, all this nonsense relating to it ... WHO REALLY CARES? Modern TV, on the whole, STINKS. The people who do programming nowadays probably wouldn't recognise a good show in a million years. Now M*A*S*H, Fawlty Towers, Get Smart, Dad's Army, Monty Python - THAT is quality programming. Not sewage like Temptation Island and Aussie Idol. Why reality TV has become so popular lately is completely beyond me. It makes no sense at all. It's stupid, repetitive programming. Why is Australian Idol promoted as original? It's NOT. Not only is it completely stolen from overseas, but it's just the 2003 incarnation of Popstars, which ran for three hellish seasons.

This leads me on to another rant. All the crap music that's being pumped onto the radio lately. Whatever happened to talent? The airwaves are filled with utter rubbish. These people can't perform live, don't play their own instruments, don't write their own songs, and have their voices modified in the studio so they sound nothing like what they really do. When they do perform live, they either sound crap or lip-synch, which I think is the most offensive thing you can do to your fans. They've paid good money to go to your concert, so at least do them the service of actually SINGING. Yesterday, some stupid fool at school decided to play some Justin Timberlake song over the sound system after a karaoke competition ... that song quite literally made me want to smash my head up against a metal pole and then fall down about twenty flights of stairs. That wouldn't have hurt as much as listening to that crap did. Whatever happened to quality music? At the moment, all it is is stupid pop made for people with no taste who just want lyrics with no deeper meaning than "I love you because you're hot ... have sex with me" and artists who have no talent, and rap that has a similar 'deep meaning' and shouldn't really be counted as music.

So yes, to summarise;
1. I HATE reality TV. It is absolute garbage. Particularly Australian Idol, and I wish all the people at school would shut up about it.
2. I HATE the state of the music industry nowadays. The Top Forty is so awful, makes me want to kill myself.
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