Axver (axver) wrote,

Oh my freaking Zooropa ...

I am SICK and bloody TIRED of that MORON Christian IBO2 over at the LBMB. This dickweed has no understanding of ANYTHING we're going through AT ALL, and he keeps on prancing into town on his high holier-than-thou horse of arrogance. He needs a good smack in the face. I'm SICK of him. SICK OF IT ALL! Why can't people just LET US HURT? They DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT WE'VE LOST! I wish they'd just SHUT UP, the stupid MORONS. I just want YTF back. I wish it would come back out of the blue, permanently. Then everything would be alright.

I just want to smack some people in the face with a wooden plank right now. They don't understand AT ALL, and the way they're reacting to our hurt just makes it all the worse. They should go throw themselves into a river.

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