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Two things I really hate

I have just discovered two things I really hate.

1. Friends arguing. Patrick was getting really pissed off earlier - he was swearing all over the show - because Sam hadn't phoned him back and he's getting really sick of Sam apparently being unreliable, not doing what he says he'll do, overreacting to stuff, et cetera. So Patrick was just venting all this frustration at me ... but the problem is, Sam's my closest friend, and he's never done anything to me like Patrick claims he's done to him. And then Sam will whinge to me about Patrick. I don't want to side with either of them because that just creates problems - although when Sam gets going, I do tend to start to agree with him - but I hate it when they're venting to me and just expect me to agree with them. It's really hard to give them non-commital responses. I don't want to lie, but if I disagree with them, it just makes them more annoyed. I just want them to bloody well calm down. They're flaming well supposed to be good friends themselves, not the enemies they sometimes appear to be.

2. Forgetting to do homework. DAMN, SOD, CRAP. Must go do that. I need to stop forgetting. Ah well, I have lots of study tomorrow ... one hundred minutes of it.
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