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How to get noticed without even trying

Andre's Two Step Programme To Get Noticed;

1. Live in Australia.
2. Wear a New Zealand cricket shirt to school.

Yep, I did it. Sam dared me to wear what we refer to as my NZ supporters gear - my New Zealand Black Caps (one day international cricket) shirt and black trousers (didn't wear my hat because I had my hair spiked and it's rather too warm to wear my All Blacks jacket or scarf) - and so I did. The second I walked into the library this morning, I heard Sam yell out "He's worn it! Shake my hand!" and the reactions throughout the day were hilarious. When I was walking from the library to homeroom, I walked past a group of girls who promptly burst out laughing and virtually everyone else in the quad turned to look. Lots of people had fun trying to promote Australia's rugby greatness to me - and a few people yelled "Go the Kiwis!", which was nice - and quite a few people thought I'd gone slightly mad. In the words of my former Religion and Ethics teacher, "I worry about you sometimes, Andre", to which I replied "I worry about the Australian supporters sometimes". So yes, I had a good time.

I told Aaron about my idea of debating the school. He thought it's quite mad of me but he thought it was a good idea, apart from that I don't have enough of a charity incentive to get the school to approve it.

German test went insanely easy. I memorised the sentences I got my teacher to check and correct, the topic allowed me to use exactly that, and I wrote them down. We had to have some Australian focus, so I just added two words at one point - "In Australien" (in Australia) - and that was it. If I lose marks, it'll be because I didn't mention Australia much, but it shouldn't matter. I'm feeling confident.

Got a hellish Geography assignment. I REALLY hope last year's assignment is still saved on my computer, because that will save my butt and make life incredibly easier. Otherwise, I'll have to do a lot of surveys, questioning people, and such, all kinds of things my shy nature inherently runs right away from. And I'd rather not fake a whole bunch of survey results.

Upon checking, thankfully I do have the file. This is a massive relief. I should also, somewhere in my room, still have all the filled out surveys. I hope I do. I have research, I have interviews ... all I have to do is rewrite my own words in my own different words, add a few things to reach this year's criteria, and pass it off as a completely new assignment. THIS IS FANTASTIC. I love it. Greatly. EEEE.

Must work on my SOR assignment. Grr, I'm so confused with how to finish that. Maybe I'll consult Mum or someone to get some other thoughts. Getting to use a U2 quote is fun.

Were there any World Cup games last night? Hope not, because I've missed them now. I think there's some games tonight, but because I'm one of these poor unfortunates who does not have cable TV and thus does not have Fox Sport and has to rely on Channel Seven's free-to-air coverage for rugby, I'll only get to see the highlights package at bloody TEN THIRTY PM! Useless free-to-air. So what that it's only Argentina versus Namibia? It's still worth watching!

It was so nice to wake up to Gloria (UABRS) by U2 this morning. Very nice to return to it. I loved it. Very little else actually gets me up in the morning. There's a reason I stopped using the radio as my alarm ... well, two. Firstly, because I wanted to use a U2 CD, and secondly because I tend to sleep through the radio.

I can't believe how insanely easy differentiation is in maths. It's so blindingly easy it's not funny. I feel like I'm back in grade eight.
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