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I promise, this will NOT be just sport. PROMISE.

This entry shall not just be sport. For the duration of the rugby World Cup, to avoid cluttering everyone's friends pages with rugby nonsense they couldn't care less about, I'll put all my rugby talk behind cuts.

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I think that's quite accurate for the most part.

As per usual, Bathurst was highly entertaining. In the end, Greg Murphy (a Kiwi!) and Rick Kelly won. They started on pole, too, and in qualifying, Murphy broke the Bathurst lap record in what can only be described as the most incredible lap around Bathurst EVER. Lots of cars went off in this race, which is hardly unusual for Bathurst, although, after the first third of the race, there were surprisingly few long delays because many of the crashes did not actually create much of an obstruction.

Now the Japanese Formula One Grand Prix is on. I'm a Ferrari fan and I follow Michael Schumacher - have ever since I was little - and I would really like to see him win here today and take out the F1 championship. I think the only way Kimmi Raikonnen can pass him and claim the championship is by winning the race and Schumacher not getting any points at all. I might be wrong. I'd just like to see Schumacher take the campionship.

This piece of rugby isn't worth cutting.

Here's my picks for today's World Cup games;

Wales versus Canada - Wales, definitely. The Welsh shouldn't find this game hard.
Scotland versus Japan - Scotland, definitely. The highest victory in a World Cup was NZ's 145-17 thumping of Japan, and although the Japanese team is a bit better now, they still don't stand a chance.
England versus Georgia - this game is a joke, really. England will pound Georgia into the ground, and I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if the 145-17 high score is beaten. And for those of you who don't know where Georgia is, it was a part of the Soviet Union and is on the Black Sea, south of Russia and north of Turkey, Iraq, and Iran. I'm surprised they're there, but it's good to see exotic teams like this.

I REALLY need to do German study tonight. I'm just lazy. I'm going to do terribly on the German writing exam anyway. We've had heaps to learn and hardly enough time to learn it in. GRR. I'm just going to memorise a bunch of sentences, write them down, hope it makes the word limit, and hope it's on topic. I'm quite nervous about this exam. I'm just glad it got postponed from tomorrow to Tuesday. Only one night more, but that could make all the difference. If I need to do a lot of study, I may not be online much at all tomorrow, which will be quite a change to me.

Need to get working on my SOR assignment. I'm just not really sure quite where to begin. I guess I need to fully map out the entire thing, first. Hmm. SOR should be interesting this week. Because we're working on identity, we're going to take some of those online personality quizzes. Heh, I think I might just enjoy this.

I need a job. NEED. Shame one's not just going to fall into my lap. I haven't gone out and actually tried to find one, just asked Mum to get me application forms, and she hasn't. Don't suppose I'm really surprised. I'll knock up a resume and she can hand that in at various stores. My main problem is that with my eyesight, I can't do some jobs. For example, I can't work the counter at a supermarket because you have to be able to tell apart, say, various types of apples and I simply can't do that. They all look the same to me.

Eating pizza in the semi-dark with poor eyesight is never a good move. There's some life advice for you all.

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