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Firstly, an update on me versus the weatherman. The lowest I noticed the temperature get down to was 16C, and surely it never dropped to single figures. It's a comfortable 21C right now. I love being right ...

I decided it wouldn't hurt for Aaron to come round on Monday, but I'm making sure he's not staying long, only 10am-2:30pm. We'll get some table tennis in and maybe he'll freak me out. He has a habit of doing that. To him, a newsworthy development worthy of telling me over the phone was that the Southport Library (a library I have NEVER been to and simply don't care about) had reorganised its catalogue. Gee, even if it was a library I do go to, I simply wouldn't care. Aaron's an odd one sometimes. He needs the Internet. Shame he'll never get to go to YTF, but maybe I'll drag him along to one MB ... don't know what one, yet, because I still need to keep some MBs free to go to without the worry of anyone I know in person being there. I like going to MBs where no-one I know in person goes to, because then I can be free to talk about any problems without the risk of someone reading it and spreading it all around school or wherever.

School is loathesome. I've got to go back in just over a week. Why must the second week of holidays be nearly over already? I like this sleeping in until 10-11am ... I guess I'll have to get back into the habit of going to bed before midnight. Shame about that. Ha ... I can guess a lot of other people would have to do that, too, but I know they're not staying up past midnight online; they're probably partying or with friends or something. I have no life. Or at least no offline life. Sometimes that bothers me, sometimes it doesn't. Right now, it doesn't. Then again, I'm feeling a tad apathetic right now. Not totally apathetic, just a tad.

One thing I probably should think about is whether I meet Lily for lunch or dinner. I'm personally leaning towards some sort of early dinnerish meal at like 4pm. That works for me. I'm not a fan of eating with people I'm not that fond of - I would say "people I don't know in person", but I'd be cool with eating with some people I know online, so, yes - so I'd rather a lesser meal than dinner. Anyhow, I don't want to go to Brisbane in the dark. It's still my turf, but Brisbane is less my turf than the Gold Coast, and daytime just gives a feeling of safety. At night ... I don't know, I'd just feel less safe. What if she isn't real? What if she is some crazed psychopath? I'd feel safer in the day than at night.

I think Sam might actually be home from his ski trip by the time I meet Lily. That would be good. I'd like him to come up with me. Well, I'm not sure whether I want him to come with me or Mum. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. I'll have to think about it.

Well, all in all, this week hasn't been too spectacular: I've lost YTF, had troubles with Liza, and there was that rather unpleasant argument yesterday with 'Xavier' and 'Lavender'. Speaking of them, I asked Xavier if he's still annoyed with me, and his response was "I dunno". That perplexed me. Either he's still annoyed with me or not. Maybe on a greater or lesser scale, but he has to be one or the other. I don't understand how he can't know whether he's still annoyed with me or not. But, then again, Xavier never was the bright one.

But, hey, there have been some bright notes. I've sent off that letter to Dan Balow, and, although it will probably have no effect at all, it at least feels like I'm doing SOMETHING, and that's good. Plus I've slept in late, had no school, and had some good conversations with people online, so, if nothing else, I'll well-rested and have a decent online life.

Oh yes, and I discovered my answer to the question "What makes you laugh?" I've been asked that before, and never been able to answer it decently. Generally I'd just answer "Hmmm ... all kinds of stuff, really ..." and trail off into oblivion, but now I have an answer. I'm very proud of myself, proud indeed. So what makes me laugh? PEOPLE! That many people have done daft, moronic, stupid, or otherwise pathetic things this week that have made me laugh that it can be the only answer. Seriously, some drivers with their amazing/alarming lack of driving ability, crack me up (apart from when I'm in a car near them; then I feel unsafe). According to something I once said, people are also humanity's biggest problem. I don't think I still agree with it, but "People are humanity's biggest problem" still remains a favourite saying of mine.

Surprisingly, tonight I've had no problems with my Internet. No error screens or anything. It's FANTASTIC. Three nights in a row I've been driven up the wall, but tonight, like during the daytime, so far has been plain sailing. But I better not speak too soon. There's little worse than counting your chickens before they hatch.

Also, I talked to Mum about the download limit problem, and got a very surprising - and extremely pleasing answer - I'm allowed to blow it. But not blow it as in "Oh, you can go a little bit over, not much" but "Yes, sure, use what you want". Her reasoning is that because I haven't seen any movies (well one (usually I'll go to three or four, using her money)), this is basically my holiday money or whatever, and, no matter how much I go over, she knows I'm responsible enough to keep it to a minimum, and it won't cost her nearly as much as a few movies. Three movies would cost roughly $14 each ($10 for a ticket, $3.70 or so for a frozen Coke), so all in all about $42, and I'm probably not even going to use enough download to waste $14. In fact, I'm pretty sure I'd have to go 70 megabytes over my limit to equal the cost of one movie, and I very much doubt I'll even get close to going that far over. Some people may tell me "Well, why don't you go that far? Your Mum's letting you", but it's not like we're the richest family in the neighbourhood, so I'll keep the expenses to a minimum, for our financial sake. Maybe I'm not such a bad son after all ...

So, yes, that's about it from the world of Andre for now. Your torture shall end at the full stop completing this sentence.

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