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A sad day

It's hard to believe it's October 12 already. A year on. A year since the day that really rammed home the reality of terrorism to many people here in Australia, to people such as myself.

For those of you who don't know, a year ago today a bomb went off in the centre of Bali, Indonesia. It was targeted at Westerners, particularly Australians: the nightclub/bar it went off in was frequented by Australian tourists. Out of the 202 that died, 88 were Australian. And recent information has shown that it's lucky the deaths were minimal - apparently the bombs went off much less powerfully than they were supposed to, and if they'd gone off with more power, thousands (supposedly up to 10,000) could've died.

Honestly, I can't believe it's a year. The acts of bravery were unprecedented. The Australian spirit, it's just incredible, and I'm honoured to live here. These people, they'll just sacrifice all to help their mates, and anyone else. The stories of heroism and survival are awe-inspiring, truly.

But I can't believe it's a year on. The people have healed, the bombers have been sentenced to death, the special documentary presentations have been made ... but did it even happen? It feels so fresh in my memory, but not like a real event, but like some terrible nightmare. It's like a dream I had last night, a very long dream. It's something terrible that didn't happen, that can't have happened, that SHOULD NOT HAPPEN. It's still not really real.

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