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Rugby, Bathurst ... all kinds of stuff I fear only I care about amongst my group of friends

For once, I have a good excuse for being up early. The Bathurst 1000. Eeeee, this is thrilling. 1000 kilometres (600 miles), 161 laps, up and down Mount Panorama, the most gruelling, difficult circuit in the Southern Hemisphere, if not the world.

New Zealand THUMPED Italy yesterday. 70-7. FAN-BLOODY-TASTIC! I loved it. If our kicking had been spot-on, it would've been 80-7.

France did a good job of beating Fiji last night. 61-18 if my memory serves me correctly. Hard to believe at one point early in the second half the Fijians were only six points behind. One fight broke out in which the Fijians really got stuck into the French. The Irish beat Romania - although it was good to see the Romanians get a couple of tries - and I need to find the final score from South Africa versus Uruguay. When I went to sleep, the 'Boks were showing the Uruguayans how it's done.

Today ... there's England versus Georgia (I thought that was last night, but obviously not), and ... what were the rest? I can't remember. I think there was a game involving Tonga.

What's funny is the Australians are trying to talk up their performance against Argentina. All things considered, Argentina, Italy, and Tonga are pretty level, and NZ, Australia, and France are considered pretty level, and yet have a look at the scores. NZ and France convincingly beat their opponents - and NZ looks like it's a more polished team, and the French line looks easier to break - but Australia was very unconvincing. Going by what I've seen in the first matches, Australia isn't nearly as good as people think they are and will get beaten when/if they face NZ and France.

w00t, only one day and just under four hours to go until my U2 fast is over! I can't believe I've made it this far, truly.

Also, I LOVE To Kill A Mockingbird. I'm getting close to finishing it. It's hard to put down. FANTASTIC BOOK.

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