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Boredom is infuriating. I would go talking to people but there's not many people on that I feel like talking to, Lauren's apparently on but not replying, I'm having a couple of strange conversations, one stop-start one, and cruising around MBs wasting more download limit than I can afford to. I miscalculated yesterday and used more than I intended, thus I don't have as much as I'd like for the next couple of days. Maybe I'll ask Mum if she minds if I go over by a few megabytes ... oh I can't wait for broadband.

Speaking of that, we really need to get our act together and get a new computer. Why was this not done on the holidays? Because Mum never got around to making the enquiries she was going to make. Bah. I'd go for a drive around myself and look for stuff, but being unable to drive kind of puts a dampener on that idea.

Began To Kill A Mockingbird this morning and already about a third through it. Fantastic book. I love it.

Lots of sport today. Bathurst qualifying, Australia versus Zimbabwe test cricket, and, in just over an hour, New Zealand versus Italy in the Rugby World Cup. Here's my thoughts on the upcoming rugby games today;

NZ vs Italy - pretty clear-cut who's going to win this. NZ should win by a very good margin. Looking forward to seeing some Rokocoko tries.
South Africa vs Uruguay - the Springboks should thump the Uruguayans. Won't even be a contest.
France vs Fiji - likely to be the only competitive match of the day. Fiji will put up a good fight, but all going according to plan, France should win easily enough.

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