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A cricket record and other sports news

My weekend is going to be FANTASTIC. Sure, I have heaps of German to learn, but otherwise it's going to be FANTASTIC. It's already gotten off to a good start.

Matthew Hayden in the current cricket test against Zimbabwe broke the world record for the highest individual score in all 126 years of test match cricket. He scored an absolutely incredible 380. The Australian record held by Mark Taylor and the legendary Don Bradman was 334 (not out by Taylor) was passed, and then the 375 of Brian Lara was beaten ... wow, it's amazing. What an incredible score. Matty Hayden will definitely go down as one of the greatest batsmen of all time. This is thrusting him up into the Bradman class.

Tonight - IN JUST A COUPLE OF SHORT HOURS! - the Rugby Union World Cup begins. EEEEEE! I'm thrilled, very thrilled. Go Argentina to beat Australia tonight! Well, that's unlikely, but the Argies could pull off an upset. They've done it before, I think, and in one game in recent years, although they lost 43-6, they should've won 47-43 but their kicker couldn't kick decently if his life depended on it. I hope they have a better kicker tonight. Hehe, I'd like to see Australia go down in a screaming heap. Go New Zealand!

And then on Sunday, it's the Bathurst 1000! My favourite car race. 1000 grueling kilometres, 161 laps, up and down Mount Panorama. Hopefully the weather will just pack in and that'll make it even more thrilling. Driving over the top of the Mountain in the wet ... I'd hate to be a driver, but it sure makes for thrilling viewing!

Ahh ... great weekend coming up ... so much fantastic sport! Test cricket, Bathurst, AND THE RUGBY WORLD CUP! SQUEE!

*calms down* *dusts self off and looks around like nothing had happened*

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