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The Crocodile Hunter, SOR assignment idea, and the awaited U2 fast update

Interesting article on the news: Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter, may be moving his zoo to either Brisbane or the Gold Coast. He's having problems with the local council (I did think it was the Nambour council or the Maroochy shire, but if I remember correctly from the article, it's actually the Caloundra council). I may not like him much, but it will be good for the Coast if he comes here.

I said I'd explain my Study Of Religion assignment idea, and so I shall. Basically, we're studying identity, and we have to do a piece of art that explores the themes we're studying in class. I'm going to make a series of pictures that fold out (not sure how I'll do it yet, whether it'll be like a booklet or a large sheet of paper divided into sections with linking arrows or what), following some kind of path. The first part has been inspired by two things: my own confusion and uncertainty with indentity, and a U2 quote, "Don't find yourself in me" (Love Comes Tumbling), which relates back to something I heard on the radio about people obsessing about celebrities. So the start is going to be this picture relating to uncertainty and with people trying to find some identity in other people, namely celebrities, but, as the quote says, "don't find yourself in me". So then it'll move on and I'll use the next few pictures to explore various theories on identity (i.e. scientific, Jewish, Greek, et cetera) and what they lead to. I'm not exactly sure how I'm going to do these yet.

Any thoughts? Good or bad idea?

U2 fast update: it's going pretty well. I'm mainly just avoiding thinking about it. I do miss it, though, because it's such a constant thing. However, I like proving to myself that I can cope without it.
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