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Alright, I'm getting sick of these people

I'm truly getting sick of my group at school. They just tend to annoy me, and it's not good. I keep on meaning to go elsewhere, but that never happens. I don't exactly have anyone else to hang around with, so I was just planning on going to the library and hoping to find someone there to talk to, but I haven't yet gotten round to that. Even though I was intending to do that at the start of the school year, IN FEBRUARY.

Anyhow, why do they annoy me? I'm sick of the immaturity. I'm sick of them acting like there's a decimal place between the one and six in sixteen. Seriously, crude jokes, hurling insults for laughs, laughing at derogatory comments, and playing games that involve hitting people with metal rulers and throwing berries that burst on impact are just ... so very immature. And stupid. Can't these people be mature for a second? I remember once in my German class when I was the only guy present, the girls were complaining about how immature most of the guys in the grade are and how they don't really like many of them. I DON'T BLAME THEM! We watched a video in English comprised of some guys in the grade (and some of their friends from elsewhere) performing stupid stunts or just being plain disgusting. It's hard to get an intelligent conversation out of them - they just make stupid jokes, immature comments, or irrelevant insults. For amusement, they think chasing people with the object of hurting or seriously humiliating them is funny. It is NOT funny to be soaked with water in very embarrassing locations and then get punched a few times very hard in the shoulder.

And Burns ... he's quite possibly the stupidest guy I've ever met. This guy thinks that Lord of the Rings is SCIENCE-FICTION. He was going around proclaiming it to be sci-fi, and when we tried to correct him, he said that he was going to stick to his opinion and didn't care what we think. It's like saying "One plus one is three, and I'm going to keep thinking that." He's also never seen Star Wars - EVERYONE has seen Star Wars, where's he been? - never seen LotR:TTT, and thinks LotR:FotR is "boring as all hell." He also wants to be a chef and was complaining that the sandwich he was eating for lunch - which he made! - was absolutely disgusting. Ironic indeed.

Anyhow. Junior Council meeting was BORING. Filled out some survey, and all people who answer it go into the draw to win a $200 music voucher, so I really hope I win. Then listened to someone ramble on about Schoolies - festival held on the Gold Coast for people who have just finished high school (high incidences of crime, drug use, alcohol abuse, and all kinds of sordid acts). I think it should be cancelled. After that, we split into our separate committies, two people from my school on another committee came over to take a photo of mine for some reason (hopefully it'll end up on the website), rejoined as a whole group, talked some more nonsense - wow, it really is a government! - and then finished.

After this, I arrived at school, had my argument with Burns The Flaming Moron, and then got some bad news. Apparently Mrs Downman, my Geography and Modern History teacher who went on long service leave at Easter, has decided not to come back - she's retired. I REALLY hope this is not true. She's my favourite teacher and I don't think I could stand another year of Geography with the Malonster. Nice enough guy, but incredibly boring.

German wasn't very productive. The exam's now going to be on Tuesday rather than Monday, which is good, but I still have HEAPS of study to go. Grr, not looking forward to it. Tonight I better compile a whole pile of stuff for my teacher to check.

Modern History exam started during the middle of lunch, and I found it surprisingly easy. I think I did well, and I hope that feeling's correct. We really didn't need to start so early, because most people finished with quite a lot of time to spare. I could go back to English (class I had to get out of to do the exam) for the last 15-20 minutes. That was when we watched the video I mentioned earlier. Must remember to get To Kill A Mockingbird out of the school library tomorrow ...

Maths C was easy enough. We're doing the Complex Number Plane at the moment. Plotting stuff like 2+3i on an Argand Graph or something like that (i referring to imaginary numbers, not a letter standing in for an unknown number like in algebra ... i equals the square root of negative one).

Got to remember to correct a typo or two on my Maths B assignment tonight. I finished it last term, it's due tomorrow, and I remember finding a typo so I need to correct that, e-mail it to myself at school and then print it off, ready to hand in. I wish I had a printer that worked with some sense of decency.

Thought up a very good idea for my SOR assignment. Even involves U2 quotes. Should be fun. Well, I know how it'll start, but I'm not sure how to complete the piece of artwork. Eh, I'll explain more later. This'll do for now.
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