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I've been living in Australia for exactly six years as of today. I was going to write some terribly insightful and reflective piece to mark the occasion ... but no, I decided against it.

I'm sick of my computer freezing, especially when I'm in the middle of writing e-mails. When I go to write them again, I just don't feel like it because I know I've already written it. I get to thinking "What's the point? I've done this before!" and thus take forever to get around to actually doing another reply.

I am definitely not looking forward to tomorrow. It shan't be joyous and I really wish I could sleep right past it.

Patrick brought a book to school yesterday, "Politically Incorrect Jokes That Men Love". With the exception of Aaron and possibly Tom, I was the only person thoroughly disgusted with it. Crude does not equal funny. It was just ... perverted. And I had to have many of the jokes explained to me because I don't know - don't care to know - the modern terms for things. Considering the repulsion factor, I quite conveniently forgot these explanations. I sure hope Pat doesn't bring the book tomorrow, otherwise I'll be in for another day of crude humour.

That reminds me, I need to take Mostly Harmless to school tomorrow. Ben doesn't believe it exists. Hehe, this shall be fun to prove him wrong. So often he's wrong, but so often that's never pointed out or he won't accept he's wrong, and just keeps on thinking he's Mr Always Correct. I'm looking forward to waving Mostly Harmless in his face.

And my sincerest condolences to the people of California.
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