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And, in the news today ...

So yes, it seems like I'm meeting Lily in Brisbane on the 12th for dinner. I was thinking my Mum probably wouldn't come up with me, but now I'm going to get her to, for safety reasons and whatnot. I'd feel safer with company. I'd get Sam to come instead, but he'll be away skiing then.

It will be interesting to see whether she's real or not, and to see what she's like in person. She's holding out some hope that it'll bring us back together, but like that's ever going to happen. Last thing I'm going to do is get back into a relationship with her. I'll probably have to be blunt with her, but if that's necessary, then I can do it. If anyone wants to give Lily a message, just tell me it and I'll pass it on.

In other news, I am very hungry. Mum was supposed to be home by now with something nice for me to eat. But it's 3:15pm and I'm still food-less. Maybe I'll have to go down and make myself a toasted sandwich. Oh well.

Also, my download limit continues to be doing a good imitation of a piece of seagull's crap. Now I'm told by my ISP that the function to check my limit is "temporarily unavailable". Wish I could tell them where they could stick that, but, alas, I cannot contact the writer of that message. So I'm peeved I can't check my limit, AT THE TIME I NEED TO CHECK IT THE MOST! I guess I'll just have to go over my limit again, won't I? Curious thing is I went over last month and they didn't charge us for it. Hopefully they won't charge us again.

And that is the news for today.

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