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Always right

Didn't get to go to the music shop today. Bah. Mum says she'll take me either after school some day or on the weekend. Days like these, I wish I could either a). drive or b). live right next door to a shop that stocks anything I could ever possibly want to look for, at extremely cheap prices. Or free. That may be totally unrealistic, but so is me driving.

Ah well, at least my Internet's stayed connected about an hour longer than it should've. Squee.

One thing I was thinking about is how people try to insult others or prove they're somehow at fault by saying "Oh, and you think you're always right?" I've only just realised how extremely illogical this is. Damn straight I always think I'm right. I think what I believe is right. I think my opinions are right. If I thought they were wrong, I wouldn't hold to them. Why would you believe/think something if you think it's wrong? You wouldn't. Everyone THINKS their opinions and beliefs are right. Whether they are or not is a completely different matter. But to say "Oh, so you think you're always right?" is just daft, because the logical answer is "Yes."

That was my random piece of 'insight' for today.
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