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Update on the U2 fast

With the minor slipup earlier that's resulted in the fast being extended by eleven and a half hours excepted, the fast isn't going too badly at the moment. I'm very tempted to listen to U2, just out of sheer habit. It doesn't feel right to not be listening to them.

Good bob, the way I'm sounding, it's like I'm stopping taking some drug. Maybe U2 has become a bit of a drug for me ...

Anyhow, what other music have I been listening to today? Mainly Pink Floyd. I've also listened to Jimmy Eat World, which was good as per usual. I'm really starting to love My Sundown. I also was listening to Queen, and they make some good music, but I don't think I like them as much as I used to. I was finding that extended listening to them started to get boring. Then there's The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, a band I've liked for quite a few years, ever since The Impression That I Get. Excluding the few random songs by other bands on my playlist, the other band on my playlist in large numbers is Linkin Park, and I listened through their songs once earlier. When I'm finished listening to the Floyd this time round, I think I'll go back up the playlist and put Linkin Park on again.

I need to add REM to the playlist. At the moment, What's The Frequency Kenneth? is the only song of theirs on there. Really, I need to get more REM. I only have Man On The Moon, Orange Crush (Heh, this was my favourite song back when I was about three), Shiny Happy People, Losing My Religion, and Imitation Of Life. And just why have I not downloaded Everybody Hurts? Silly Andre. I wish I could copy cassettes onto my computer, because then I'd copy all of my cassettes of The Shadows, but alas, I can't.

Mum was saying she might take me to the music shop this afternoon. I hope so. I'd love to get some new stuff. Apparently where we plan on going has U2 stuff cheap, so that'll be great, even if I can't listen to it for a week. Oh no, wait, she wanted to use the Internet this afternoon, so that may not happen. Oh well.

Grr, school tomorrow. A return to peer pressure, monotony, and all kinds of thrilling stuff like that. Hopefully people like Pat and Tom have grown up and gotten past the "It's very funny to insult people for the sheer hell of it!" stage, but I'm hardly optimistic.
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