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Um, oops.

I accidentally listened to a U2 song. Well, not actually a U2 song, I listened to American Prayer, which is credited solely to Bono (and performed by him with others who are NOT U2). It was just on my playlist, and I didn't realise it had actually played until after the fact. Fritz, if this counts as a breach of the rules, I'll extend my fast until 11:30am Monday (seeing I can confirm I listened to it before 11:30am today - it's 11:36 right now and American Prayer is three songs back in my playlist).

And on an irrelevant note, a quote for Lauren. Remember that poll thing that has Clay beating U2 by quite a significant margin? Here's how one U2 fan at a U2 MB I go to views it: "If Clay Aiken is far ahead of U2, it's only due to the type of people who go there." Fwoohaha!


Today is insanely boring. It was flying by before, when I was talking to heaps of people and had stuff to post about, but now it's just come to a stop. It might as well be going in reverse. Lauren's the only person online who I feel like talking to at the moment because I'm not in an overly talkative mood, and she's away; the few other people I want to talk to aren't online, I've gone through the two messageboards I want to post on, and now I'm just sitting here, bored. I could do some e-mails, but I'd rather not. I don't feel like doing that.

Oh well, things could be worse. I could be at the worse of two boredoms, school. I think I'll stick with the lesser of two boredoms, thank you very much.

Boredom is the worst. I used to stand by the statement that boredom is fantastic when it's not induced by school, work, or anything else I dislike, but that's wrong. Boredom just ... is boring. Give me something to do, please. I hate it when I say that and people try to assign me some crappy task. If I want my boredom cured, it's not going to be cured by doing something I'd rather not do. Something fun and enjoyable is what I'm implying.

I need to get rid of my download limit. There is so much I want to download right now. Thanks to Sam's screen name this morning, I now want to download Don't Dream It's Over or whatever it's called by Crowded House.

"There is freedom within/There is freedom without/Trying to catch the deluge in a paper cup ..."

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