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And how is the U2 challenge going?

So just how is the U2 "fast" going?

In a word: horribly. It's bad enough waking up to Jimmy Eat World howling out something rather than "This is Gloria!" and the lovely opening notes of one of my favourite songs, but then Lauren just HAD to go listen to Bad, which I think is the best song ever. Bah. I need to listen to U2. Exit 28 September 1987, 11 O'clock Tick Tock 5 June 1983, Bad and Sunday Bloody Sunday 8 November 1987, Walk On September 2001, 11 O'clock Tick Tock 11 September 1982, Springhill Mining Disaster of uncertain date, Please and Until The End Of The World at Popmart Mexico ...

Right, that's got to stop. It's only about eight hours into the challenge. I can't be doing stuff like that already, or else I'll just be making the challenge worse for myself. So instead I shall write about last night.

Alright, yesterday afternoon my computer froze in the middle of typing an e-mail, so instead of getting back online, I sat down to watch a Pink Floyd video. Only problem was, because my video player desperately needs a clean, the screen kept on going green every few seconds, and this could only be rectified by a short fast forward. Thankfully, it soon stopped. I was greatly enjoying the video - Sorrow is a fantastic song - when Sam phoned and we had a good conversation until Mum kicked me off the phone because my Aunt was trying to call us or something like that. So I decided I better get my last U2 'fix' for the next seven days, and whacked on one of my videos. I spent two or three hours watching my favourite songs.

The last song I watched was Walk On, from Slane Castle September 2001. I watched it twice. Not only was the song terribly appropriate, but wow, it is INCREDIBLE. Especially when Bono is singing "Hallelujah! Hallelu-uuu-jah!" at the end. It's so moving ... he'd buried his father the day before, and you could tell he was singing it to his father, and about his father and his life. When I first saw it, it raised a lump in my throat. Still does.

Then I went to bed. Completely forgetting to put on the dishwasher as Mum asked. Stupid Andre.

Oh, before I went to bed, I caught the end of the NRL (National Rugby League) grand final. Now I am not a follower of rugby league - I'm a rugby union man personally - but I actually enjoyed this game. I didn't enjoy the State of Origin, which was a scrappy and boring series, and your average rugby league match doesn't hold much interest for me, but the grand final was good. Everyone was picking the Sydney City Roosters to win, but I wanted the Penrith Panthers to win. Most people thought it would be between Penrith and the South Sydney Rabbitohs (or possibly the North Queensland Cowboys) for last place, so Penrith making the final was quite incredible. Thus, I wanted them to win just to cap off an amazing season. The final score was Penrith: 18, Roosters ... 6! So yes, I was pleased.

Alright, so I'm trying not to think about U2. I can't believe I'm actually doing this. Where is my U2? Must put on Pink Floyd.
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