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Survey I stole

+Full Name: Andre Withoutamiddlename Withoutalastname
+Screen name(s): Axver, AmakAxver, AndarkAxver
+Grade: 11
+Birthday: January 17
+Hospital where you were born: A hospital in New Zealand.

+Boyfriend? Why is it straight away assumed that anyone filling out this survey is female?
+What do you first notice about the opposite sex?: Er ... something?
+Your idea of a perfect date: It being perfect.
+Biggest turn-on: I don't know.
+Perfect guy: Again, why is it assumed anyone filling out this survey is female? SEXIST!

+Occupation: Author ... or if I can't do that, lawyer, court judge, pastor, journalist, or politician. That's all the stuff people reckon I'd be good at.
+Dream Car: Oooo ... Lamborghini Diablo or a Ferrari of some description. With a chauffeur, of course.
+Marriage: Will happen. Hopefully.
+Kids: Yes.
+Future son's name: Hm. Tough one, because most names I like, such as Vladimir and Andrzj, I'm not crazy enough to give to any son of mine. Xavier, perhaps.
+Future daughter's name: Well the four girls names I like are Jasmine, Lauren, Florentyna, and Felka, so I suppose those.
+Honeymoon: Will be somewhere.
+Where will you live?: In a house, in a country, on the planet Earth. Or maybe I'll go hitch-hiking across the galaxy with my towel.

+Food: Pizza or Turkish Delight.
+Drink: My soft drink mixes.
+TV show: M*A*S*H and Fawlty Towers (NO, I have NOT typoed 'Fawlty'; that's how it's meant to be)
+Movie: The Great Escape, by far.
+CD: Under A Blood Red Sky.
+Color: Yellow, orange, blue, black.
+book: Tough one. I don't have one particular favourite.

[x]I hurt: sometimes.
[x]I love: my friends.
[x]I hate: too many things.
[x]I cry: yes, I have that ability.
[x]I fear: a lot.
[x]I feel alone: regularly.
[x]I kill: ants and cockroaches.
[x]I talk: with my mouth.
[x]I listen: to U2.
[x]I break: people who break U2 CDs.
[x]I see: the computer screen and my drink bottle.
[x]I smell: my nose is blocked.
[x]I taste: nothing much in particular.
[x]I work: occasionally.
[x]I hope: don't get me started.
[x]I remember: pi to 330 decimal places.
[x]I hide: many things.
[x]I pray: yes.
[x]I walk: with purpose. I don't dawdle like those morons I speed past ... unless it's raining and then I'm the dawdling moron most people are speeding past. Fwoohaha! pH34r teh r41n!
[x]I drive: actually, no I don't.
[x]I read: a lot.
[x]I learn: stuff. Generally a lot more out of school than in school.
[x]I feel: empty. Good. Yes, that's contradictory. I feel contradictory.
[x]I know: some things.
[x]I said: that I should not bother replying to this.
[x]I dream: of many unrealistic things.
[x]I have: U2 CDs in front of me, and the sight of them shall torment me for the next week.
[x]I want: many things.
[x]I fell: down the stairs. Actually, no I didn't.
[x]I wait: in a most impatient patient manner.
[x]I need: friends, God, the Internet, computers, books, writing, U2, music, all kinds of things.

Also, go here. Register. Vote for U2. There are only THIRTY votes for U2. This is disgusting, especially because Clay Aiken is leading with about 800 (What the Popmart is up with that?). And they describe U2 as 1980's alternative rock, which is downright blasphemous.

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