Axver (axver) wrote,

The computer shall die

I am on the verge of slowly murdering my computer. It has quickly become the most annoying thing in my life. Every NIGHT - only at night, not during the day - whenever I try to go to pages, I get error messages and have to either refresh or click 'back' to get where I wanted to go, and, as per usual, my download limit is being pathetic and sending me round the bend. In fact, I've used too much today. Ooo, clever me. Tomorrow I'll have to be really stingy with it. No websites apart from my e-mails, download limit, LiveJournal, and a carefully chosen messageboard (i.e. not LBMB Left Us Behind or Dancing Snowman, because they both seem to have quite adverse effects on my download limit). Right now, my download limit is the most annoying thing in my entire existence. It isn't really, but, for the last half hour, it's been doing a good job of applying for that position.

On a completely different topic, I've been playing some more of my electric guitar lately. I'm ashamed to say that I completely suck. My Mum, Nan, and Trudy all think I'm getting good at it, but I don't. One day when Sam was round, he was mucking about on the computer, I started playing the guitar, and he told me to turn it off because it sounded awful and he hated it. Sam's never been the supportive one, but I think he's right. Shame about that, because I REALLY wish I was a good player, or at least could play with some semblance of decency, seeing I quite enjoy playing it.

I was going to stay online until at least midnight, but I've figured that's not a good idea, because of my download limit. I want to stay on until then because then I can find out the latest update on my download limit, but, in 1 1/2 hours, I'll probably use up too much download. Shame there's very few other people online right now ... maybe I'll stay online but work on my novel instead. Yes, that is a good idea. I haven't worked on my novel in quite a while. It's only one chapter off completion, and then I'll do my final revision. At the moment, it's a very Christian book, but I've decided on my revision to do away with that and make it a secular book with Christian themes.

And, currently, I am still beating the weatherman - it's 22C. I'm giving a leeway of 3 degrees C, and even then I'm still right. Lets see how long this lasts ...

Oh, by the way, just so you know, I've taken over New Caledonia. That was fun. If you live there or had aspirations for taking over the territory, my condolences to you, but these things happen. My domination ... er, benevolent rule is the best for the place.

I'm annoyed my school report didn't arrive today, because it usually arrives on the second Thursday of the winter holidays. Hopefully I'll get it soon, because I'm dying to know what I got. Maybe I have a STALKA who is taking all my mail ... no, can't be, because I got my Time magazine. Or my STALKA is just crap, either or.

And I'm adding N*Sync and Christian IBO2 to my evil list. w00t for me.

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