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Haircuts, eyesight, CDs, and more

Well now. How it is I can care about what other people think and not give two hoots at the same time? In the same breath I’ll tell someone that I don’t give a damn what they think of my hairstyle or lack thereof and then ask them how it looks and hope they approve. Doesn’t make sense? It doesn’t. But that’s the way things are. Anyhow, I went and got my hair cut this afternoon, and because I’m sick of fighting with it every time I go to comb it seeing I like it parted down the middle, I – well Mum beat me to it – asked the hair dresser what style would suit me, and she reckons it wants to be combed back and would look good cut a bit shorter and spiked a little bit. So now it’s cut shorter and just sticks up, with a bit of gel in it. I think it looks good. I just hope the guys at school think so too – not because I want their approval, but because I don’t want them to spend the first week of term joking about my hairstyle. They already have enough things to joke about so I don’t want to give them more. I’m really tiring of being the butt of so many jokes. Some of them are funny, but they’re often quite crude and demeaning and I don’t care if they mean it or not, when every second thing someone says to you is an insult, you start to wonder if it’s actually true.

Anyways. Saw something incredibly stupid today. As we were pulling into the car park at the shopping centre the hairdresser’s is in, we found ourselves at the end of a short queue (that quickly got longer behind us) waiting for a bus to negotiate a corner. We are in a CAR PARK. In other words, tight corners, cramped spaces, hardly the place for a bloody massive bus trying to negotiate quite possibly the worst corner it could. So we were sitting there as it backed back, inched forward, moved half a degree or so, backed back, moved forward, moved a quarter of a degree in the wrong direction, backed back … and so on, until we just got sick of it and Mum suggested I get out and go over to the hairdresser’s while she waited for the bus and then she’d park the car and come over. Being something I was about to suggest myself, I hopped out and went over to the hairdresser’s and turned out there was no-one waiting for a change so that was good. Mum rocked up about two or three minutes later. Apparently the bus decided to do the practical thing and took an easier corner. Car parks are hardly somewhere a massive bus should be. It was so ludicrous. You just had to be there to appreciate the immense stupidity of the situation.

Got my glasses fixed after my hair cut. I have two pairs of glasses – an outdoor pair that tint and a bifocal pair for reading (the strength I need to read easily is so powerful that I can’t walk around with it – anything over a metre away goes blurry) – and both of them have gotten bent out of shape and the like. My reading pair (which I wear almost all the time when I’m indoors) has suffered some quite severe damage in the past, including being hit by a massive stuffed blue cube or two in a drama rehearsal accident, and the people at the glasses shop say they can’t do much with them if they sustain any more damage because there’s a big risk they’ll snap the frame, although they weren’t too bad – it was my outdoor pair that was the big problem today. The right arm was so badly out of shape that it just hung in the air instead of sitting on my ear and it might as well not have been there. Thankfully it’s fixed now. But I imagine that it’s getting about as fragile as my reading pair and I really need new glasses. I was supposed to get my eyes tested in September. Correct me if I’m terribly mistaken, but last time I checked, it’s now OCTOBER. Mum’s tried to contact the person who’s supposed to be dealing with things, but has had no luck. Last time I had my eyes tested, by some sort of miracle, my eyesight hadn’t deteriorated, and the time before that it had actually improved, and I’ll definitely be praying for some kind of a miracle when I finally do get them tested this year, but I can just feel that it’s going to be bad news. I damn well hope it’s not. I think my worst fear would have to be going blind. If it were to happen, it wouldn’t happen for many years yet, but if I went blind, I don’t know if I’d be able to still live. My life is reading and writing; I need a book in my hand or a pen and a pad to write on. Going blind would be the most devastating possible thing to happen to me.

Getting off a subject I hate such as my very worst fear, I’m copying my CDs to my computer’s hard drive. Sure, when I get my new computer, I’ll have to do this all over again, but oh well. I’m copying a couple of Metallica songs at the moment – it may come as a surprise to some, but when I was eleven, there were two bands I loved, Matchbox Twenty and Metallica. I now find most of Metallica’s stuff too heavy for my tastes, so I’m just copying the two songs on the CD (Reload) that I’m familiar with that I like, The Memory Remains and The Unforgiven II. Some day I’ll give it a good listen and see what other songs I like, but not now. Right now, there’s heaps of music I want and heaps of stuff that’s been recommended to me, and I have very little money to purchase it with. At least Christmas is coming up soon – isn’t it sad such a celebration has been turned into an opportunity for self-gain? (Topic for later) – so I’ll hopefully be able to get some stuff then. My current list reads;

Stuff I know I want
The Passengers (U2 + Brian Eno): Original Soundtracks 1
U2: Best Of 1980-1990 The B-Sides (I only have the Best Of and I really want the B-Sides), and any singles that I can find
Linkin Park: Meteora
Evanescence: Forgotten the title
Pink Floyd: Dark Side Of The Moon
Matchbox Twenty: Forgotten the title of their latest album
REM: I believe they’re releasing (have released?) a Best Of compilation
I’d also like to hear some more Jimmy Eat World.

Stuff that’s been recommended to me: Nickelback, Dream Theatre … crap, forgotten what else has been recommended to me. Someone suggested Third Day to me earlier today, and apparently they are influenced by U2, but that doesn’t make them good – are they worth it?

Also, feel free to recommend a band (and their best CD) to me. My favourite genre is rock, and the above list would obviously give you a hint as to what I like. Don’t waste your time recommending rap to me, and I hate really heavy stuff that is just indecipherable screaming and instruments having the life thrashed out of them.

Bah, holidays are nearly over. Why is it holidays always go so quickly? Just one more weekend and a Monday, then a term that will most likely be terrible and busy. It’s only seven and a half weeks long, and happens to include the important end of year exams. GRR. And, as always, we’ll waste the first week or two so the rest will be even more rushed, and just to make it worse, some of my exams count towards my final mark at the end of next year. Hello stress. Ah well, I’ll just take it as it comes.
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